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      I have a Shimano TX800 8 speed rear derailleur and want to replace the jockey wheels for some style points, and was wondering if anyone could tell me if the linked below wheels would work

      Mixim 2 Pcs/lot 13T 7075 CNC Bicycle Derailleur Jockey Wheels 13 tooth MTB Road Bike Jockey Wheel Pulley Dearing for Shimano SRAM Gold

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      Don’t know if they’ll work, but definitely will bring style points. If you want a cheap style point upgrade, look at headset spacers, aluminum stem caps, or even matching zip ties. Those are cheap but people will notice. The small details are everything.

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      I would check beforehand to make sure that your jockey wheels are also 13 tooth, just to make sure that everything will fit roughly the same.

      For more style points I’d recommend a custom headset cap or custom bar end plugs from or somewhere similar, they have some nice designs and are nicely finished.

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        I have upgraded the stem cap and spacers, but thanks for the tips. And another cool stem co vender is they have lots of designs

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      You can save yourself $5/jockey wheel by ordering from AliExpress.  Same supplier, they just have to pay fewer fees to the marketplace and offer slower shipping, thus the discount.

      I have an XTR 1×11 derailleur and thought about getting new Jockey Wheels but decided against it because 1) they aren’t lighter, and 2) the bearings in these cheap jockey wheels aren’t any better than the stock Shimano XTR bearings.

      Performance upgrades won’t be happening unless you put in $70+ for the genuine ceramic wheels/carbon cage combos (i.e. Fouriers).

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      Bearings in jockey wheels are not all that critical as they generally aren’t stressed. Those do look cool. Do they come in green?

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      Like someone else already mentioned, count the teeth on your current wheels before ordering. Also read the reviews on them, I just cracked a jockey wheel on my Sram X9 read D and finding a descent replacement that would be here quickly was a chore. I checked out those cheap anodized units on Amazon but the reviews featured a lot of trouble with them. Maybe consider the more expensive options like KCMC.

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