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      After last January’s Arizona trip , I’m once again going to head south to explore but this time  state by state  driving with my truck camper rig  and meet up with the family when they are done enjoying Disney . My Disney style entertainment  will be found at MTb locations along the way  !  I may leave out Michigan for now and head there numerous times this summer since i’m close to Port Huron border .

      I ride a Bucksaw with a set of fat tires and set of 29+ so ready for anything …and snow

      I’m just putting together the route and pinpointing locations now based on Singletracks 2018 best places to ride state  by state  and trail forks Probably down I77 -Columbus Ohio-West Virginia,Charlotte ,Charleston- Jacksonville -Florida  Ocala locations -Daytona beach to Miami  and back through Tampa ,Atlanta ,Nashville and home – All over the course of 2 weeks . All subject to change or alternate alterations and how much my back and butt can handle .

      If anyone has any must see locations or things that stand out above the rest , close or along that route that I  should stop at  it would be great to hear about them .It’s always a shame to have driven by something that you should have stopped at and may never see or  get a chance to ride  again and end up at some paved path at a picnic  park .

      Thanks in advance


      solo rider constantly searching for “the Holy Trail”


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      Don’t forget us on the western side of the USA. GJ, Moab, has some pretty nice riding.

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      that’s on the 2020 list of places to go , going to be a long drive …

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        Very cool. Yeah, it is a long drive, just have to spend more time around here.

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      Ohio: Mohican, Great Seal, Lake Hope and Strouds Run.  If you decide to cut across I-75 and go through Michigan instead, check out the DTE Foundation Trail.

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      florida, Santos – Ocala FL,  Alafia river state park and Balm Boyette scrub (only 5 miles apart, and Loyce Harpe Park is also close) – Lithia FL , Markham park – Weston FL, and Virginia Key – Miami FL are my favorite places in Florida and are along the route you will probably follow.

      Other good places to ride, if you end up in North East Florida, are Fort Clinch –  Fernandina FL, Hannah park – Jacksonville Fl, Mala Compra – Palm Coast FL, Graham Swamp – Palm Coast FL, and Chuck Lennon – DeLand FL.

      And Central florida (not too far from Disney) Mount Dora, both the town and the trails, are nice places to visit.

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      Thanks for the rider info. Appears  like a lot of rain coming up so I’ll keep driving until conditions are good and keep upper States like Ohio ,W Va ,etc for weekend trips.

      The Florida list is huge and the weather there is good ????

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      How was the trip? You need to do it Later in the winter next time so the weather is more certain. Ride some frozen singletracks. Hope it was some good riding

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      Just yesterday in Charleston , now Paris mountain and still breathing heavy completed Hanna

      awesome place

      everywhere else along the way was pouring rain

      onward south !


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      Tour went well  with 6000 k of driving  -only missing DuPont   State forest because of rain ,my planned starting point . Kept heading south -SC  Wannamaker Park, Charleston city tour where I got hit by a minivan while in a bike lane .

      Florida – westside regional park , Hanna Park, Amelia Earhart and Markham Park . Alafia my favorite on the trip then Santos , then off to Raccon mountain and Hamilton   Creek in Nashville . Some locations were chosen because they were close to locations I was camping out at or parked at  ie. Wallmart RV lots  and trying to keep other family members not too annoyed waiting for me at a desolated park parking lots

      More weekend trips to the US planned upper states like MI , Indiana, Pennsylvania ,Ohio etc

      all tracked by strava

      Thanks for the extra trail location info

      picture feature works well !

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      How did you like Paris Mountain? I live just up the road – it’s my home trails.

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      I never actually rode at Paris Mtn , it was on my list to do but rain changed that stop . For some reason my phone gps and trail forks kept using Paris MTN as a default location for every ride since i had looked it up to go to – i just missed changing it for Tillie Fowler in Jacksonville .

      Next trip

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