Jamis Parker chainline?

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      I building up a 2008 Jamis Parker frame and I have a Race Face Evolve DH (24/36/bash) crank to install. The crank has spacers to set the chainline at 48, 49 or 50mm, but I don’t know the appropriate chainline for the Parker frame. I sent an email to Jamis and hopefully I will get an answer to me soon, but in the meantime I figured I would see if you guys had any ideas.

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      On a triple chainring setup, chainline is measured from the center of the down tube to the center chainring. On a double chainring setup it is measured from the center of the down tube to midway between large and small chainrings.

      With Jamis chainstays also being really short, its probably the shorstest setting if not next to shortest. May or may not help…

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      I think I am just going to set the crank for the middle setting(49mm) until I get a reply from Jamis. That way if it isn’t correct it won’t be too far off. How important is a perfect chainline?

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      I got a reply from Skip(jamis rep) on mtbr. It turns out that the chainline for the parker is 48mm in case anyone else wants to know.

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      Thanks man. The bike came out really good. I just ordered the "stiff spring" for the recon fork today. Hopefully the stiffer spring will keep me from burning through all my suspension travel.

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