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      Or at least access to.  Road closures due to unauthorized Rainbow gathering in Chattahoochee National Forest.





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      Thanks for the heads up.

      But now I’m curious and want to see what this thing is about. 5-10,000 people at Bull Mountain will make quite a scene!

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      It’s an annual thing that occurs on different Forest Service-managed and BLM-managed lands. It’s controversial for a few reasons, but mostly seems to divide along political lines that has more to do with the group’s ideology than their activity. Some interesting introductory historical reading in the Wikipedia article…


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      I’ve seen this group before in the Apalachicola Forest near Tallahassee. They are good about keeping the area clean, but they are known to butt heads with locals. Drug use, and large numbers of unleashed dogs are pretty common. I’m very interested to go ride Bull & Jake and check it out.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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