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      I can’t decide!

      I have a Kona Cinder Cone, RST 140mm front fork and Turbine bar that I have set up how I want. I like it for a lot of the trails, but it does beat me up.

      I’m pushing 40 now, and in the market for a newer bike. I cannot decide between the Vassago VerHauen and the Giant Anthem SX.

      I like the simple hardtail, but that Maestro suspension is so damn smooth.

      I do race a little, I’m not great at it, but I try and its a challenge for me so I keep at it. The 24 hour event is where I hate the Kona a lot. The trail is constant baby heads and basalt sections that just pound the hell out of me.

      I like the VerHauen because it is steel, and USA made and a 29er and a hart tail like the Kona. I feel I could build it pretty decent for $3000.

      I like the Anthem because of the build sheet, and the Maestro suspension. But I worry it would mess up the way I ride the Kona (the fun way 😃) It retails for $3000.

      So, help me out! Its winter time, so I’ve got too much time to sit here in the office and day dream about each one and how fun they would be.

      Right now, I’m leaning toward the Anthem, though 2 weeks ago it was the VerHauen.

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      Interesting choice you’re looking at there.

      Most people are like "should I get the Santa Cruz Nomad or the Intense Tracer" or some similar conundrum choosing between two bikes with similar characteristics/purpose. But you’re looking at two completely different bikes, both in intent and character. Suspension vs no suspension? Boutique vs mass produced? Totally different vibes as well as riding styles.

      The two together would make for a pretty nice quiver, but just one definitely means compromise somewhere. Not an easy choice.

      I suppose it kind of boils down to where/how you ride most often and whether what you sacrifice for the occasional ride is worth what you gain on you usual rides. With the fully, you may not be sacrificing much these days as suspensions have become highly efficient and have also shed some weight. Overall, the Anthem should be more versatile and be able to more comfortably take you more places. This is especially true on long rides over uneven terrain, where the suspension really helps decrease the fatigue factor. This is even more true as we get older–although I’m 50 and I still like to ride my hardtail as often as I ride my fully.

      The real bottom line is–is that added versatility worth what you may give up in the fun factor you get from riding a hardtail?

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      My boyfriend just picked up the Anthem SX and loves it. It’s pretty close to a "do anything" bike. The suspension is incredible. The riders who’ve bought them really seem to like them. We ride in the southeast on all kinds of trails. He loves the 27.5 wheels. He tried 29 but didn’t like them (and he’s 6’1). You get a lot of solid components for the money with the SX. He’s also 54 and had been riding a hard tail for almost 20 years. He finds he can ride a lot longer and use less energy with full suspension.

      There are so many options these days, which is both good and bad! Good luck with your decision!

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      It is an odd situation. I’ve not ridden a 27.5" wheeled bike, but I did like the Anthem 29er a lot when I rode it a few years ago before I had the coin saved up for a new ride.

      What I may do is pickup a used steel 29er and the Anthem SX 😄

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      I made my decision! 😄

      [size=150:34grcibv]Anthem SX[/size:34grcibv]

      I needed a small frame, so it will be here this week and I will take it out ASAP! I did test ride the Medium, and its freakin awesome! For those of you with out a dropper seat post…. I can’t believe I ever lived without one and they are worth considering.

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      Hi there Arron,

      First, congrats on your purchase! Secondly(and not to scare you), put your receipt in a safe location. Between my brother and I, we’ve broken 3 Giant frames (1 Yukon FX and two Anthems). Before you get a sick feeling in your stomach, the Anthems of 2011 had a frame recall, due to a weak weld at the top tube/seat stay junction. An issue that I know for a fact has been redesigned.

      Giant has a lifetime warranty for frames, so as long as you keep your purchase information, you should be A-OK in the event another Friday weld shows up.

      4a. If my frame develops a crack, what should I do?
      Stop riding it immediately and take it to your nearest Giant retailer. The retailer will contact the Giant Warranty Dept. and arrange replacement if it is warranted. You must show proof and date of purchase.

      My brother went from the Anthem to another brand just because he wasn’t up for waiting for a third frame from them(it takes a while for the warranty to process). My Yukon was purchased used, so when it broke, I tried a repair locally. When that failed, I stripped the parts and moved it to another frame. I really liked my Talon and I loved, loved LOVED riding the Yukon. It was a great ride.

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      Thanks for the heads up. I had seen there was a recall, but I’m not worried. I’m not a rider who enjoys drops, just some aggressive XC.

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      I bought my Giants (Road, XC, MTB) from the local Giant shop. I’ve never had any major issues with them. Pretty much all the non-expendable parts are covered under the lifetime warranty plus you get free tuneups. For instance, the lock out lever on my talons fork came off during a ride and the shop replaced it no hassle.

      I have quite a lot of confidence in Giants frames. My road bike came through an accident that put me in the hospital and off the bike for six months without any damage other than scratches. My previous road bike I wound up turning into a pretzel in a relatively minor accident. I’ve pretty much given up on road biking now. Just too dangerous. 😳

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      I had my first Anthem ride on Sunday. I LOVE THIS BIKE! It feels perfect. It feels balanced, and plush and confident.

      I even felt comfortable to ride sections I couldn’t ride before because I was scared.

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      My old boss purchased an Anthem 29er and loves it! He rode like he was …well, younger. It’s a nice bike and I would recommend it. Hope you figure it all out easy. Take care.


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      "tonkota" wrote

      I had my first Anthem ride on Sunday. I LOVE THIS BIKE! It feels perfect. It feels balanced, and plush and confident.

      I even felt comfortable to ride sections I couldn’t ride before because I was scared.

      Congrats on the purchase!

      How about some pics of the new steed? 😃

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      I’ve only taken 1 pic… I need to stop more? 😄

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      "tonkota" wrote

      I’ve only taken 1 pic… I need to stop more? 😄

      Not if you’re having a good time 😀

      Enjoy that bike!

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      "tonkota" wrote

      I’ve only taken 1 pic… I need to stop more? 😄

      Very nice!

      And what Schwim said.

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