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      I’m new to the Forum, and have been away from bikes for a few years. I grew up with a passion for Dirt Jumping and street riding, and then while in the Army I was stationed in NC and AK and owner a Giant AC back in 2005-ish and did a little bit of Downhill and whatever riding. I don’t think I have been on a bike since probably 2006. Anyways, I have a son now who is riding 2 wheels now and I’m just in general looking to get back into the sport. I really need help figuring out what bike to get. Through my employer I get special pricing on DB bikes. So at first I was going to order the DB Line. Upon further looking I noticed the Atroz. Both are very entry level. I figure if/as I get more into it I can always upgrade as I go. The kinda of riding I’m going to do is everything from just around the neighborhood, there is a city run dirt jump track down the street, to hopefully the occasional lift service at the ski hills here in Mi.   I guess what it really comes down to is HT or FS. I’ve been doing some research, but I really just need some insight from some people that know more then me.



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      What’s your budget?

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      Well, like I was saying, I get special price from a website for people who work in the outdoor industry. Thats why I’m looking at the DiamondBack  models. On the website it makes it very clear that your not supposed to post anywhere online the pricing. Between the Line and The Atroz there is a $80 difference. I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but not trying to loose access the website.

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      A friend I ride with has a Diamondback Catch. Seems a pretty nice bike, he’s had it a year with no complaints other than a tire swap. And believe me, he’s a complainer 🙂


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      If you can afford the Sync’r then I would endorse that. It will be an even better bike in the long run then the Line.

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      Sync’r Pro is a great bike as far as I can tell, and the new Release 3 seems to be pretty sick.  I’d say try all the models from Diamondback within your price range out, and see which one you like the best.  If it comes down to two of them and it’s super close, they both seem very good, then just pick the one that you like the color or look of better.  Although if there are noticeable pros or cons, then definitely use those to make a good decision.

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      Well, I ordered the Sync’r.  Don’t have it yet,  but thank you guys for all your input.

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      Cool!! I’m sure you’ll be stoked and love your new steed…..!   Happy trails!   😀

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      IMHO I wouldn’t run any HT let alone one with a coil fork on a ski lifted down hill course. If you decide to do real down hill I suggest rent a real DH bike..  I have a good friend that has a $8000 Specialized FS with 160mm fork that still rents when he does real down hill.

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