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      the front derailleur on my old trek sucks. any suggestions for a new one under $35 would be appreciated.

      thanks in advance, cavermatthew

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      A quick google search showed several sites (such as cambria) selling Shimano XT fronts for $30-40.

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      I have a brand new XT front derailleur that I can let go for $35 + shipping.

      It looks like this:

      Caveat: it’s a 2x model.

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      Even better, ditch the front derailer and go1 x 9 or 10
      You will lose a pound of weight and if you have a shadow plus no guide needed
      Simple and will make you a better rider

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      SRAM X9 front derailleurs go for around $32!

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      Thanks for the advice and I’ve decided on going with the xt derailleur because the rest of my drivetrain I’d shimano.


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