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      I have a nukeproof mega 2018 and I’ve been having a nightmare with an erroneous loud ticking noise only when I pedal. Also, if I put power down hard there is often a loud crack sound that sounds though its coming from the cranks. But I’ve checked everything. If I lock the back brake fully and stand on the pedal there is a crack sound and also when rocking the bike there is some movement to accompany the crack. So far I’ve replaced all frame bearings, bottom bracket, rear hub service and axle replacement, chain, pedals….with no joy. I recently upgraded to shimano saint brakes but no idea if the problem started before or after this with any certainty.

      When pedalling the noise is almost like a loud metallic ticking and it’s infuriating. I’ve checked spokes, cassette and everything and it’s driving me up the wall!

      There is some movement in the calipers from the pads when rocking the bike but that wouldn’t explain the crack when pedalling without braking or the constant ticking when pedalling.

      Does anyone have any ideas on what else I could try please?



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      Have you closely checked your frame for hairline cracks?  I had a crack in the frame and those weird click sounds cracking sounds were how it initially manifested itself, then the crack propagated and the sound went away but the crack became more visible.

      I hope that isn’t it, or if it is you get a warranty replacement.  My frame was warrantied, so I was lucky the company stood behind their product.

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      I’ve gone over the frame every inch and can’t see anything that would give me any concern that the frame might be cracked. Just the usual scratches and scrapes.





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      Could be anything, but there are two sneaky places I check even though I’m convinced the mystery sound is coming from somewhere else. 1) the stem to handlebar surface, including the bolts; and 2) seat rails and seat post. Both are worth a shot to remove, clean, and lightly grease.

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      Good point on the seat rail. I had that one once too

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      Bring it into a local bike shop, maybe they can find the problem(s).

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      Check your bike chain first, Sometimes this happens for looseness. So i will suggest you check your bike chain carefully.

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      Hi fellow,
      Did you check?
      Anyway, here you will get an article about how to tighten a bike chain.

      How to Tighten a Bike Chain – The Bicycle Troubleshoot Guide

      And let me know what’s the progress.

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