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      Me and friend just started in this hobby. I got a Gary Fisher Mako and he got a Trek820 to me both bikes seem to be very similar.

      The first weekend out on the trails he bent his rear rim we are not sure how because he didn’t do anything that hard or crazy. he got the rim replaced and then yesterday it happened again. We were riding now a step hill with a jump at the end. He jump and came down hard, his rear wheel locked up and skidded to a stop. His rear derailleur swung into the spokes of his rear wheel, bending the rim again.

      Now I told him that he is riding it too hard but he feels like the bike is a piece of s___. Do you think his bike is made for this type of abuse? Do full suspension bikes have different derailleurs?

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      well first off his bike and your bike are not ment to do jumps, thier more of a XC bike. a hardtail can have the same rear derailer that a full suspension bike has and vice versa, so thier is not a different derailer specific to a full suspension bike or hardtail, well i guess thier are some downhill specific derailers but some DH guys are also running road rear derailers so if your new to the sport that can be kinda confusing to see. but it sounds like his rear derailer needs to be adjusted so it doesnt go into the spokes, from the specs i read both of your bikes have the same wheels and if you guys are riding the same trails and he managed to bend his rim and you didnt probably means hes riding too aggresive for that wheelset or he weighs more than you and is putting more stress on his wheels, now i wouldnt say his bike is a piece but he might want to look into a stronger wheelset that can handle his aggresive riding style

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      by wheelset do you mean that he could buy a stronger Rim and tire? do you have any suggestions

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      [quote="trailrider247":2raacu0w]well i guess thier are some downhill specific derailers but some DH guys are also running road rear derailers

      As a gravity rider myself and raced in competition, yeah DH riders do like to cut back on weight as much as possible, but there is no specific derailleur for big-hit, FR, DJ, slopestyle, or gravity bikes, just the one that is mounted on it that works. Now, there is specific removable hangers and some specific removable dropouts that hold the derailleur though.[/quote:2raacu0w]
      i was refering to the Saint derailers, those are suppose to be DH/FR specific derailers, the guys i know that run dura-ace derailers do so, so they can run a close ratio road cassette, it has nothing to do with weight savings, if you look into the Saint derailer they talk about being able to switch from close ratio to the regular ratio of mtn cassettes

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      also those Azonic Outlaws are some beefy wheels but if your budget is tight you could get some Rhynolite Wheels i hear they are strong but not DH/FR strong more like aggresive XC/AM strong

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      im not try to debate you either but you miss read what i said as i agree that the Azonic Outlaws are NOT DH wheels, i was trying to say that they are a strong wheelset, and thats it, i didnt put them in a catagory, i was just trying to agree with you that thier a strong wheelset, what i was trying to say is that the Rhynolites are no where near being DH or FR wheels, oh, i can see how me saying that sounds like im saying that the Outlaws are DH/FR wheels but thats not what i ment, i was trying to say that the Rhynolites would be a cheap upgrade over the wheels that he has right now if he cant afford the Outlaws. well im sorry for the confusion ChiliPepper and i hope we can put this matter behind us 😃

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