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      Just curious. Has anyone canceled or changed your trail plans as a result of the Virus?

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      For sure. Had a group trip planned to Pisgah later this month that just got cancelled. And no more popping open a can of beer mid-ride and passing it around either. ūüôā

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      Not at all but this darn liquid falling from the sky is causing issues. Just went to Tucson last weekend. Due to all the rain in SoCal the next 10 days, I’m working on getting out to PHX next weekend. After that, we’re heading to Prescott for East and later that same week, off to the Virgin Islands. Unless you’re going to live in a bubble at home, you’re crazy to change your plans…unless you’re a 70+ year old diabetic or somebody else with underlying health issues. GO RIDE!!!

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      If anything it will keep me out in the woods riding away from people more than I would have.

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      No affect so far, if anything  its good reason to stay strong in the lungs.

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      Being outdoors and away from other people is about the safest thing you could do.¬† You’re most likely to get coronavirus by being in crowded, enclosed spaces like airplanes, buses, trains, bars, restaraunts, theaters, etc.¬† ¬†I have a spring break family vacation planned for a major city which involves nearly all those crowded, enclosed spaces which I am now likely to cancel.¬† If you drive yourself, eat take-out or fix your own meals, and spend your time outdoors, you can reduce your risk when traveling.¬† We will now likely go camping in the desert and hike and bike for our vacation.¬† The coronavirus will likely get me to ride more.

      In addition, be aware that airline travel could be banned at any time. You wouldn’t want to get stuck somewhere without a way to get home.

      And please stop shaking hands, hugging, and kissing.   Shaking hands can be a hard habit to break.  I reflexively put my hand out when I meet other people.

      Social distancing and hygiene are really the only tools we have to stop the spread of the coronavirus which is usually the opposite of most travel plans.

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      Big fat no ūüôā

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      Not in the least. I am with mtnryder. My biggest hindrance has been the rain. Tend to agree being outside is better. I am not cancelling any plans to ride with others. I will ride with others if I can and they are willing.

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      Nope. I live by my adage of “ride strong, live long”. Get outside the virus does not like sunlight. Oh, and don’t lick other peoples bikes!

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      What are all the people gonna do with all that toilet paper after someone goes berzerk and buys out all the plungers?

      The sky fell, whaddya say we smoke a hooter and ride bikes??

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      Nope getting out today with a few peeps. But we keeping distance from one another on trail with guidelines of no spitting and tire bumps only ,no fist bumps. 

      Fresh air is always better.

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      quote: @Bike Nerd ‘Shaking hands can be a hard habit to break.’

      TV : “The CDC says to refrain from handshakes”

      Jeffrey Dahmer : *stops blender* “Awww.”

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      I was on the infectious disease committee at a local hospital before retirement and attended the county preparedness meetings during the avian flu outbreaks in Asia a few years back. As it was then, and now, the fact is that currently many communities, especially rural ones, do not have the ICU beds, critical care specialists and hospital beds to handle a major influx of patients. We’ve seen China have to build new hospitals and the Italian systems being overrun. During the 1918 epidemic warehouses an gymnasiums had to be converted into hospital wards. Inadequate numbers of ICU beds, ventilators and critical care specialists will mean that some people will die unnecessarily if the system gets overwhelmed. Dr Fauci has stressed¬† trying to limit the spread of the virus to a level the health care system can cope with. Attitudes like at least one of those expressed above are incredibly selfish. The danger here for transmission is not so much those who are ill from the virus but those who are minimally asymptomatic and spreading it. The idiot basketball player who touched every microphone, 2 days later to test positive for the virus, potentially exposed dozens of people with his “joke”. Those dozens pose a risk to dozens more. In any crisis there are those who will do everything they can to limit the impact of the crisis for the benefit of society, and sadly those who will sabotage the efforts of those who are trying to help. The Virgin Islands are not going anywhere and travelling to them can wait. If social distancing is to have an impact we all should be on board with it.

      Just my opinion but I have little respect for those who will not alter their behavior an iota at a time like this.

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      Sort of…¬† I went out to trails that I typically practically have to myself today.¬† I have never encountered more hikers, bikers, and dog walker there before.¬† It seems like now that people are told to stay home where they would typically spend their entire day, they have thought, “I must get out off of the couch where I spend most days,” and they have had the thought, “I should go outside.”

      I like the philosophy, but the way that these folks have come to this conclusions seems backwards.  Get rad.

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      That would be me going to the Virgin Islands so I guess me and the 5 friends I’ll be with on our own catamaran are selfish. Quite frankly, I fully expect the trip to get postponed with the level of hysteria going on. Once again and as I stated, people aren’t going to be in their house for WEEKS without going out. Every Costco, Wal-Mart and grocery store is bursting at the seams. Every kid that is now out of school for weeks was outside playing football and basketball on our street. I did a road ride today and saw hundreds of people walking along the coast in SoCal; another few hundred on the beach. They haven’t even closed the 24 Hour Fitness near me and every restaurant is open.

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        Walking or mountain biking outdoors where you maintain your distance from others, don’t share water bottles etc is not likely to spread the virus. Stating that “unless you live in a bubble or are 70 and have diabetes”, you should live life normally at this time, shows a lack of understanding (at best) or a total disregard (at worst) of the reasons behind the current recommendations of the CDC and NIH. Just as an aside more than half the coronavirus patients requiring ICU care in France are under the age of 60.

        When people refuse to follow recommendations voluntarily then governments mandate what they feel is necessary – ergo the mandated closures we are seeing almost hourly in various countries and states on the news. Mandated school, restaurant, bar, and nonessential business closures have been done in many areas and some countries have pretty much shut down completely – with dramatic reductions in the number of virus cases seen. It remains to be seen whether in this country we will be forced to comply by government mandates or will step up to the plate voluntarily.

        You can be part of the solution or part of the problem. I’m not recommending eliminating outdoor activities. I am recommending following the CDC recommendations.

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      Generally speaking the corona virus has not impacted my riding plans (just did a large group ride this morning).¬† The exception, however, is the postponement of a race I was scheduled to compete in next weekend.¬† I’m kinda baffled by that.¬† You’re talking about an outdoor activity where cyclists can’t really get closer than a few feet away from each other.¬† I recognize that volunteers may be more prone to coming into contact with multiple people but there are ways to greatly limit exposure.¬† (Heck,¬† make people bring their own pen to check in if need be or wipe the pen after every use).¬† While I totally get the need for increased caution it just seems that there are so many instances of overreaction IMHO.¬† On the + side, it was very easy getting parking and a table when I talk my daughter out for her 21st birthday ūüôā¬† Keep pedaling!

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      Nope but appendicitis put a pretty good damper on them for next few weeks.

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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>You too? Just had mine taken out on Monday by Dr. Knott in Buffalo. NY</p>

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      the rain is the only thing holding me up

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      Yea, I had a planned on doing a trip to Laos, Taiwan, and Mainland Japan this year and I had to cancel them all.

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      IMBA just sent out this guidance:

      Should mountain bikers host group rides or trail work days?

      Cancel, postpone or reschedule upcoming events including races, trail work, and group rides until there are new government directives. For now, let’s ride in very small groups, keep our distance, and enjoy our trails close to home to minimize the risks associated with car travel.

      How can trail users pass responsibly with social distance?

      Stay alert, slow down, and communicate with each other from a distance about how to proceed. With gyms and rec centers closing, there may be new users on the trails. It’s a great time for community education on responsible riding and for being patient, exemplary stewards.

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      Big time. I live in Canada north of Toronto and was planning to go to North Carolina in early April to ride some trails but now the border is closed and my business are closed due to coronavirus so doesn’t look like I will be able to visit U.S anytime soon. I had my appendix removed on Monday in Buffalo N.Y and was looking to start riding in the next two weeks all over southern USA but now situation looks very depressing. Chinese government needs to be held responsible for this. Sorry for the rant.

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      I am holding off making reservations and buying airline tickets to do the float plane trip to the South Chilcotin Mountains sometime this summer.¬† I expect by late summer we’ll be able to do the trip.¬† Besides that, I am riding as usual.¬† Ride on!

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      Nope but all this snow is! (Front Range Colorado)

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      Yup, our Bikerpelli sponsored 3 day ride on the Kokopelli was just cancelled today…90 riders plus crew exceeds SARS-CoV-2 mitigation recs.

      Ugh, but necessary.

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