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      I notice some people take longer than others to get ready to ride after arriving at the trailhead. At what point do you start to get frustrated with someone who is taking too long?

      The best solution I’ve found is to set a ride time, not a “meet at the parking lot” time so everyone can adjust their arrival time according to their prep time.

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      Wow, you and Greg have some really good questions today!

      I always do my pre-flight check (suite up, check tires, shocks, stock appropriate snacks etc)  *before* I hit the trail-head, so I just exit my truck, grab my bike and go.

      I’ve found even if you say “Ride starts @ 10am” there are still one or two slugs who are  getting their tires to *exactly* 23.24Lb   and their shock to precisely 223psi and the right mix of Skratch Labs Hydration Mix in their Camelback @ 10:10am

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      If I’m riding with a big group, we usually set an R2R time, meaning ready “ready to ride.” That means chamois on, helmet strapped, bottles filled, ready to go. Granted it doesn’t always work out that way though, and on occasion I’m the guy people are waiting on. For that reason, I think some good-natured ribbing is acceptable punishment. Unless you’re the one that’s ALWAYS late, and then that’s just lame.

      Nothing will make someone get ready faster than the group rolling out without them. I’d say 15 minutes past a scheduled ride time is when I start to get annoyed.

      Pro tip: if you’re gonna be late, let your buddies know ASAP!

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      Yes, way too long! What are they doing exactly?

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      Too long, maybe 15min max. We all have responsibilities, and ride time is precious.

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      Sorry, I guess I didn’t fully understand the question….you’re saying you are waiting for a half-hour for some individual to get ready to ride?

      Yeah, that’s just waaay to long. It would have to be someone I loved and/or feared (e.g. wife) for me to wait that long.

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      Actually, I’m the one who takes 30 minutes to get ready.

      Just kidding.

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      Of course its way too long! I myself am late on occasion but thats due to getting off work and hitting that 5pm traffic…so annoying but i always let the people I’m riding with know I will be late. Its not cool to leave them hanging!!

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      Too long!  I try to set ready to ride, rollout times if organizing a ride.  Weeknight and lunch rides it should be expected to start on time.  Long weekend rides there’s more time for a little slack and I get that things come up.  But 30 minutes is ridiculous; have them eat more fiber.

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      I cannot stand the “change clothes at the trail” stuff.  You should arrive ready to go.  With my racing team, even if we have a 2 hour drive to the race I require them to show up in kit.  You arrive to the race an hour, 2 hours early, pick up your number and pin it on, pee, and somehow you barely have time to get to the start line.  There’s never enough time on the other end.  Every gel, bar, tool, tube, should be placed in your jersey pockets, your eyepro stashed in your helmet vents, socks stuffed into shoes, the night before and your entire kit laid out and folded next to where you sleep.  Bike should be checked and ready.  Missing a race start time is. the. worst.

      Growing up backpacking, cycling, kayaking, and sailing, my Dad always told me, “Pack like you’re on the Apollo mission.  You forget to bring something, you’re not picking it up on the way.”  Two is one and one is none – if you have a one critical piece of equipment or consumable, and use it, break it, or lose it, one becomes none.

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      I do everything at home (or work) and show up dressed ready to ride.  At the THD just put away keys; put on the bag, gloves and helmet; and if driving the truck, pull out the bike and ride.  If riding in another type of vehicle, then maybe put on a tire or two and ride.  If you have to wait for someone, then either help them out if they need some or practice some skills, like track stands, manuals, wheelies.   I sometimes do a little warm up riding waiting for someone.  That really helps me because I ride mostly with guys younger than me, and I start slower than them.

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      30 minutes? That’s ridiculous. I’m the ride organizer/leader and would have no problem giving people some grief after about 10 minutes. At 15 minutes, I’m probably riding away. If the ride is an hour plus from home, I get dressed at the TH. I don’t need the boys to be all scrunched up any longer than necessary. I’m still ready to ride before 90% of the group.

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      I typically ride alone but I pay attention to what other groups are doing at the trailhead. Typically, there are a handful of guys standing around waiting for another dude to get ready. This guy can’t talk and get ready at the same time and he usually can’t shut up about his most recent MTB exploits or bike parts. I park, put on my gear, install my wheels, and get on the trail before that guy is done “getting ready”.

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        This guy can’t talk and get ready at the same time and he usually can’t shut up about his most recent MTB exploits or bike parts.

        Haha, this.

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