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    Can anyone suggest a decent handle bar mount for an iphone?

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    No. I was actually just thinking last night, I’ve tried a number of smartphone bike mounts, and all of them suck. Sure, most do the job of attaching a phone securely to the bars, but I never end up using these mounts more than a few times. I think this is because:

    • They are cumbersome to attach. Most have a (bulky) dedicated case for the phone that snaps into the mount. So unless you want to use the bulky case on your phone all the time, you have to get the phone into the case, then attach the case to the bars for every ride. It’s a hassle.
    • It’s hard to use the phone on the trail. I’m not talking about sending text messages or making calls–I’m talking about just focusing on the screen (say a map app) as your bike rattles down the trail! And if you wear gloves, you won’t be able to get a lot of use out of your touch screen, especially since most cases have their own protective layer over the screen to prevent water intrusion.
    • You’re just asking to get your phone damaged, either through excessive rattling OR in a crash.

    All that being said, I know some folks do ride with their phones attached to their bars. Just not sure how many people stick with this after trying it for a while…

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    On my road bike, I use a ‘Delta’ brand  phone holder. Pop off your stem cap and it fits on right there. Comes with all the hardware, and it doesn’t get in my way when I’m riding. Fits an iPhone as well as my Galaxy. And the holder stays on the bike – your phone just pops in and out, nothing to install or add to your phone. It’s a handy way to use MapMyRide, a GPS app, etc.

    HOWEVER, on my mountain bikes? No thanks, for the reasons Jeff mentioned. But your mileage may vary. It’s your bike after all.

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    Quad lock works great for me

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    Yeah, this. Put it in you pocket and enjoy the ride without looking a screen. That may seem harsh, but especially off road just explore and get lost. I personally despise have junk attached to my bike. I can only barely tolerate water bottles so maybe I’m not the best person to comment. That said, I have potentially considered such accouterments for road, but they’ve all seemed sloppy in design at best and lawd knows ugly if only vaguely useful. Yeah, I know…what about cue sheets, mapping etc? If you’re riding road alone, maybe however even then at most I’ve found it more practical to simply stop for a moment and look at map. Better, yet find someone to ride with and stick together.

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    Raymond hit the nail on the head!

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      All good and valid points.

      I have been riding with my phone in my camelback with Strava or Maps3D running while I ride. Which is fine. My main want is to know my mileage at any given point without having to stop and check my phone.

      So the next logical question would be can anyone suggest a decent, low cost, wireless odometer?

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      @jeffbarber: “Raymond hit the nail on the head!”

      Obviously you need psychiatric help ASAP.

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    I recently tested the Cateye Velo 7 and it was super easy to use and quite accurate. I think I paid around $15 for it. However, it’s not wireless.

    Some smartphone GPS apps have an option to read out your odometer at set distances, say every mile or half mile. Just don’t set yours to read out too often. There was a guy who showed up to one of our group rides and his app must’ve been reading out the odometer every minute or something. That got annoying very quickly. 🙂

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    Same with Raymond, in my pocket. I don’t like stuff on my handlebar. Maybe a bike bell when I know the trail is bz, or light mount when I do night ride.

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    Quad Lock is on (2) of my bikes and soon to go on a 3rd. I like having EASY access to it for one reason only and that’s for checking to make sure we’re on the right route on big rides we haven’t done before. It gets old taking in out of my pack every time I need to check something. I just dealt with this last weekend on a new “big” ride and had to check MTB Project 5-7 times for a couple different reasons. “exploring and getting lost” is not an option.

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    I use a “Rhino Mount” on my motorcycle. I would use it on my MTB for XC rides if it weren’t  such a pain to take it off my Harley. As for the read out option, I use “map my ride” by under armor and it reads out every mile I think. I didn’t know I could adjust the read out though, I think Ill bump that up a bit. I used to use Strava but I found M.M.R. easier to use for other things like jogging and hiking. Plus some of my family is on it in other states.

    When I get to a new trail I am always so anxious to follow the paths blazed by others so that I can enjoy the best of the area and this is when I want to look at my phone for maps. With that being said, I recently rode Joaquin-Miller Park  for the first time and I wish I had chilled out and just went exploring. I didn’t stop to look at trail markers or anything. I eventually just started following other riders around instead of digging in my pocket every 10 minutes. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had just cut loose and wondered around in there. That place is awesome if you are in the SF Bay area b.t.w.

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    I’ve really enjoyed this one it goes on stem cap. I suggest having a good case with a flat, smooth back. If you have that then your golden!!

    CYCWAY(TM) Adjustable Compact Cycling Cellphone Holders Stem Cap Mount With Aluminium Alloy Material Bike Mount for Smart Phones, GPS, Video Recorder.. (Black) (Black Cap) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01076D6T8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_3RcAzbQ05J67R


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