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    Hey everyone, I’m new to single tracks website but not to riding, I’m a former roadie but gave it up a few years ago for MTB. I travel to CO for work a lot and got addicted to downhill out there but I live in MI and bought a hard tail for the flatlands back home. Always looking for new people to ride with so hit me up if your anywhere in MI. I ride Several days a week and travel to a trail at least once a week. I have a small plane and make a living as a pilot so I’d like to take a few day trips out farther someplace like WV, eastern KY, Appalachian areas if anyone is interested in tagging along sometime.

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    Hey donbrowncfi,

    We just finished a new iOS app to solve the problem you are having. (Not finding sport buddies)

    Check out 5F – Find Fit Friends. For Free.

    Since the app is brand new it will take a while to catch on so please be patient 🙂

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    And if you’re part of the 80-something percent of the smartphone world not cool enough to be using an Apple product, Strava has a club finding feature that doesn’t require an account to use. It seems to have loads of data. You may luck into something nearby.

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    I don’t do Strava, and I have a Windows phone, where do I look?


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