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      Hello everyone,

      I’m a four-eyed MTB’er. I usually ride with both my regular prescription glasses as well as my prescription sunglasses switching between the two as needs dictate. Neither are ideal for mountain biking because they both have the habit of sliding down my nose as I begin to sweat, and I don’t like carrying a spare set of glasses all the time. Also, neither is ideal for keeping cold air from hitting my eyes during cold weather rides.

      Ideally, I’d like to have a pair that allows for interchangeable lenses so that I can have a clear set for when it’s cloudy or for night rides, and a tinted set for when it’s sunny.

      Any frames that you’d care to recommend?


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      Same here… 4 eyes, two sets of prescription frames, neither best suited for riding.  Best I’ve come across are the usual frames from sport eye wear brands that offer prescription lens options.  And at a premium, I might add.  But I haven’t seen any that allow for interchangeable lenses.  Hopefully someone will come up with a suggestion.

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      Checkout Rudy Project.

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      Have a look at the Oakley Half Jacket glasses. I think they have a few other interchangeable lens glasses as well so have a browse on their website. Link for the half jackets

      I had a pair of interchangeable lens Oakleys a little while back and they were really good.

      At the moment I have glasses with transitions lenses which work better if you’re going from sun to shade throughout your ride.

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      First off, you’ve got options.  I’ve had both Rudy Project (Radon) and Oakley (Half Jacket 2.0 XL lenses) for the past year.  Both have interchangeable lenses which can be purchased with photochromic lenses (i.e. transition to darker with brighter light).  NB: If you buy photochromic lenses you don’t even need to swap out lenses.  Not only do they do a great job on the trail but I’ve used both sets for night riding and I’ve been blown away at how well I can see.  I’ve been extremely pleased with both but I give the nod to Oakley’s.  They are more comfortable, sturdier and better looking.  Although it’s not a key factor you can also swap out the frame socks with a different color.  Timing is perfect right now for buyers with Black Friday sales coming up.  SportRx is pretty expensive and their sales pale in comparison to other sites.  I bought my Oakley lenses at

      I have to say that of all the purchases I’ve made (bikes, tires, wheels, dropper, etc, etc) these certainly rank among the best.  Obviously, they’re also not limited to MTB’ing as I use them for driving, running, watching shows, or whenever you need.

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      Funny how different topics on ST are helpful.  Thanks for the topic ejh and thanks for the tips everyone … especially rmap.  Very helpful.

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      Also, I forgot to mention.  I have found that if I use a nice lanyard with my glasses, then they don’t slide don’t my nose as I sweat.  And I sweat a lot.

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      Revant makes replacement and prescription lenses that fit a number of frames, so if you already have a pair of shades you like, you can get multiple prescription lenses for them. They also have some of their own frames that are prescription-friendly.

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      I have had Rudy Project and Oakley (Half-Jacket, Jawbones, and now Flak 2.0s). I highly recommend SportsRX for any purchase. I’m getting on up there with my prescription and, due to the thickness of my RX, I could no longer get Oakley prescription lenses for my Jawbones or Half Jackets). I recently ordered a new set of Flak 2.0s and got the Prizm Road lenses and they are incredible for both the road and trails. I wear my sunglasses all the time as I live in Florida and the Prizm Road lenses are great. I debated getting the Prizm Trail lenses, but was able to go try them on at a local Oakley store and they simply would not work for most everyday usage. After getting my glasses from SportsRX, one of the lenses cracked and they replaced both lenses free of charge and had outstanding customer service. All of these Oakley frames allow for interchangeable lenses, but their lenses are not cheap.


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      I switched to photo-chromatic glasses years ago and would not go back. The newest ones will even darken in a car with a tinted polarized windshield.

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