Intense ACV vs Hightower CC XO1+

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      I can’t decide between these two bikes so I’ve decided to ask you peeps @ Singletracks. I’m curious to know what you guys think of the two bikes. I like the Intense ACV more but i get a 15% discount on all Santa Cruz Bikes @ my local bike shop.

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      Yeah that hightower is pretty much my dream bike so you know where I’m leaning!  Good luck with your choice.

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      The difference in lay-out, geometry and suspension b/t these two bikes is negligible. So it comes down to looks and price. The SC seems like a better deal, but whatever turns you on. I rode the base level version of that bike and really liked it, nearly pulling the trigger on one. Instead, I went with an Evil Wreckoning and have no regrets.

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      Intense and SC have lots of similarities across their respective lines.  Personally, I’ve always felt Intense gets more efficiency out of the VPP platform and the very slight difference in geometries also has me preferring Intense.


      But SC offers one thing which may be important here; the Hightower can run 27.5+ OR standard 29.  If you think you might ever want to invest in a second wheelset, it’d be like having two bikes in one.

      In narrowing down to these two, have you actually ridden both?

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      I’ve got the Hightower C+ and its bar none the most fun I’ve ever had on two wheels.  I beat the crap out of that bike and it keeps coming back for more.  I LOVE THIS BIKE

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      Hightower for sure. That ACV is one of the ugliest bikes out there. At least nobody would want to steal it. 🙂

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