Inner WFO frame – why so cheap?

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      hi all – can anyone explain why the Niner WFO frame series sell so much cheaper than the jet and rip frames?  Is there a flaw in the WFO frame?

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      Is Niner still making the WFO? It’s not listed on in the AM category on their website, though I was able to find it using search.

      For starters, the rear end hasn’t been updated for Boost which makes it a tough sell these days.

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      Yeah, it’s old stock as Niner hasn’t made the WFO for nearly two years.

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      I have a WFO bike i bought it brand new last spring, it was a 1 year old model and i got it at a 65% discount because of the age. Seems every year biking stuff depreciates roughly 50% per year….and the WFO frames your seeing could be like 3-5 years old already.

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