Info on Scotts Flat Resrvoir

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      Were dropun off Harmony Ridge to the South above Nevada City. Forest map has some private property we need to (cross?) Hate to scout it out to the bottom and be stuck with a back track. Would be a Hecka big stupid loop if I can get it to work.

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      I’ve been wanting to check out the South Yuba trail, have you tried that one yet? I haven’t rode much around the Nevada City area, but need to check out some of those trails.

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      Purdon crossing to Edwards crossing is a short one 10 miles to try with only about a mile of cliff side. Washington to Edward crossing is 20 miles one way. Drop down Missouri Bar from Malakoff Diggings is also a nice one that gets the middle of South Yuba. Adavnced riders will have more fun here mistakes can be dire. Pioneer Trail is fun for everyone it really does have it all. There are forest maps for sale a Harmony Ridge Market at the start of Pioneer Trail which shows all of these. Trying to find a local trail called Scotts drop 1200 foot drop in 5 miles. Bullards Bar is also a good one in the area real rustic need to call Yuba Expeditions for that map. lost it years ago. I’d say do Pioneer to Skillman or Omega first.

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