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    I have been getting messages like this, and have also run into very outdated, or inaccurate trail descriptions.  how can this be fixed?

    Hi, I just wanted to reach out and ask you a question. Our local trail network at Beebe Hill (Austerlitz NY) has been expanding like crazy these past couple of years. It looks like you wrote the main description for this trail back in 2013; since then we’ve added many miles of singletrack so the description is no longer quite accurate. We want to attract riders to our new and awesome trails, but if you google ”Beebe Hill mountain biking”, this is the first thing that comes up, and I’m afraid it might dissuade potential visitors.

    Would it be possible for me to send you an updated description that you could add? I know that I could just post a review, but it’d be neat for the main description to accurately reflect all of the hard work and awesomeness that is now at Beebe Hill. :) Let me know, and if you’re ever in the area come check out everything we’ve done in the past couple years!




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    Great question! Anyone can update trail info, though the link for doing so might not be super obvious.

    On the trail page, click the “Add to this trail” dropdown button and select “Edit info.”

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    Cool, thanks..

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