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      Is there a mtb mega store located in the Midwest anywhere?? I’m really wanting to go to a store and see the various products and gear first hand.  Pretty much all the shops around me don’t carry much inventory and I’m needing a reason to drive somewhere lol

      tell me your go to shops/stores for the best selection of mtb related products!  This waiting for my bike is killing me………

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      Damn, that would be awesome to be able to do. All kindsa bike stuff to check out.

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      That would be cool, in the age of internet retail it seems  unlikely anything new will spring up. Hunting and Fishing have Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, those places are awesome.  The closest I have seen in Central Ohio there is an REI store, they have a pretty good stock but not like an MTB Cabela’s. Now that I am in NW Ohio there are a just normal bike shops and they have been cleared out this year… of course then there is the question of “Do I really need another bike?…”

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      Thanks, I just looked up REI, they have one not to far for me in Indianapolis,

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