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      In case you haven’t already read about this in the IMBA trail news or Dirt Rag, here’s more information on the expansion of the trail network in Duluth, MN:

      Five years ago, Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores announced its vision of creating a nearly 100-mile trail system connecting major trail networks in the city of Duluth. Today, COGGS and the city of Duluth are on the brink of starting the trail system’’s first phase: the nearly 40-mile Duluth Traverse Trail System.

      The Duluth Traverse would link trails in Lester Park, Hartley Park, Piedmont-Brewer Park, Mission Creek, and Spirit Mountain to a nearly 40-mile multi-use trail spanning the length of the city. COGGS has already made headway on the project with its work improving trails in Lester Park, Hartley Park and Piedmont-Brewer Park.

      “Duluth is known as an outdoor town, but we have a pretty disjointed trail system that people get lost on,” said Adam Sundberg, chairman of the COGGS board. “Part of it is just making our trail system more user friendly, easy to navigate, and sustainable.”

      Sundberg said the Duluth Traverse would help to boost Duluth’s status as an outdoor tourism destination.

      “We have 3.5 million tourist visits annually,” he said. “So we have the infrastructure to accommodate an influx of people recreating on our trails.”

      Sundberg added that the nearby Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association system brings in $4 million a year from visiting mountain bikers.

      Read more here: … id/227887/

      Having spent some time skiing in Duluth, I believe that the terrain would be absolutely ideal for mountain biking trails! There’s actually a surprising amount of vertical rise, too, for a midwest town on the shores of lake superior. Looks like I’ll need to take a summer trip up here in a year or two!

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