I’m in pain. but I’m happy none the less.

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      So, my brother came into town this weekend and we decided we’d hit the trails with our nephew. The ride started out great, until we reached a drainage ditch, I busted hard onto my hip. Well, we continue on and I’m in the rear when my nephew doesn’t quite clear the hill and I try to stop only to fall over, again onto the same hip. Well we get going again and start having a good run and we came to a small ravine, it was about a 6 foot drop with an immediate 6 foot climb. I’ve been through this a lot without any problems…well I get to the bottom when my front tire blows sending me over the bars and into the side of the ravine. I left a good splatter mark with my tire slime. Well, I think I sprained my wrist, and have a near unbroken bruise down the right side of my body, but on the good note, I had a spare tube and managed to limp back to the truck. My rims bent a little, not enough to hurt but too much for the LBS to fix, But I did get a new tire! Well, today I’m stiff, sore and looking for a replacement rim, but I’m still glad I went for the ride.

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      Sorry to hear about your soil samples. You are correct, riding is better than not riding. Remember that you’ll heal for free but the bike will require a check at the LBS. Make up a good story just don’t tell it around the dudes you were ruding with. 😄 Later,

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      crashing is cool sometimes i guess, keeps your marbles about yourself. and yes, yes i do wonder that from time to time about my dollars 😎

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      I went for a night ride last week that sounded almost exactly like yours. It’s like I had become magnetized to all the painful things sticking out of the ground. I have a combined bruise that runs from my knee up through about half my ribcage. My shoulder felt terrible because I kept hitting the same side and my arm would end up in abnormal positions, stretching the muscle. I think I hollered some obscenities the third time I landed on it.

      Everyone gets their turn in the barrel, I guess.

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      owww, glad you had a good ride though, heal up for more.

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      I’ve healed up alright. I’ve got some scrapes that I don’t remember getting 😆 . My problem is that I can’t afford a new rim. So, I’m stuck recliner riding until I can afford one. Which sucks, The trails are great right now! 😈

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      I just started riding a few months ago and I have found that the harder i crash the better the ride was. :-)

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      "blknblu118" wrote

      I just started riding a few months ago and I have found that the harder i crash the better the ride was. :-)

      Yeah That’s true. Too a point.
      BTW Welcome to the Forum. Hope you have fun here.

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