I’m a Proud Father!! My 10 year old son freeriding!

Forums Mountain Bike Forum I’m a Proud Father!! My 10 year old son freeriding!

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    Wow, are you sure your name isn’t Earl Woods? Nice stuff.

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    Great pics Mongoose. I’ll check the videos out at home where my work IT can’t block me. Almost makes me want to take up freeriding (but at 51 thats probably not a good idea 😆 ). Still, love to watch others rip it up. At what age did your son take up riding and free-riding?

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    Wow thats great bro. Your son is showing great form!….The next Steve Peat.

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    Whats up goose. Those vids came out good. Could you do me a favor though. I noticed when you drug and dropped them from my memory card to your computer I lost them. I’d really like to keep some copies on file in my computer. Could you send me copys of the vids and still photos if possible. I know how much of a pain in the ass it’s been sending stuff back and forth, but if it’s possible email me some copys. Thanks, and oh yeah, lets ride sometime this week if possible 😎

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    Your kid’s good. I’m not sure I would jump some of those he’s taking. Its always great when you can enjoy an activity with the whole family…

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    I can really say that this kid is the real deal. He makes these jumps look so easy and I’ve witnessed how he has improved his freeriding skills immensily in a matter of just a few months. Mongoose, you should definitely change his nickname from "Crash" to "Cash", because he’s going to make a lot of it if he takes his skills to the next level.
    I can also say that I’m proud of my six year old boy. He’s been riding with me in the Markham Park trails and he loves it. It’s great to see that they can have so much fun and enjoy MTBing as much as we do.

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    "Mongoose" wrote

    The only words that come to mind is he is a pure natural on his bike, or any bike at that. Anyone that has rode with him or knows of him will tell you that, especially member ‘slap8up’ above.

    That kid of Goose’s has the knack and form to be a SERIOUS rider very soon. I’ve seen it first hand. The boys got guts!!!! 😄

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