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      It’s fantasy time: What’s your dream mountain bike? There are so many great bikes out there, it’s really hard to choose just one…

      I’d love to get a really high end fat bike like the carbon Salsa Bucksaw or the Trek Farley EX 9.8 to add to my quiver. But if I could only have ONE bike, I’d probably go with the Specialized Enduro S-Works (the 29er version.)

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      The issue with you question is that it’s singular.  Could we make this plural, one for each bike discipline? lol

      My Fuel Ex has been terrific!  I’ve taken it everywhere and it’s never came out lacking.  Of course it’s modded, but I think the only thing I could go for would be more travel.  So maybe a Slash, however I’ve though about a Salsa Bucksaw for the fatty side.

      Hard question …for me.




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      I already have one of them, an Evil Wreckoning. I am slowly garnering a few bits and pieces to upgrade some components, but it’s already pretty dreamy. After that a custom Soulcraft Grounds Keeper or Dirt Bomb would be rad-tastic.

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      Santa cruz hightower cc 27.5+.  That will be my retirement present to myself!

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      Either a Giant Reign Advanced, or a Foes mixer enduro. Of course, as has been said, if money was truly no object, one bike would not be enough.

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      Yep, unfair to have only one. So here we go… blingest s-works 29er for xc, top of the line yeti sb6 turq for trail/all mountain, whatever Greg Minaar was riding when he won the ft Williams for DH(in my size of course), and the lightest, most RAD Borealis fatbike I can get. And that’s just the start, since money is no object and still have a lot of change left 🙂

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      Rocky Mountain Slayer 730 MSL or Commencal Meta AM 4.2 World  Cup.    Either one of those would make me the happiest man on earth.

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      For me it could any of several enduro-type bikes, spec’ed out as light as possible (except for the derailleur) and must have a threaded bottom bracket. Hopefully bike companies are finished with press fit BB.   So for me, the Enduro, the Wreckoning, the SB6, or the Mojo HD3 or 4, any or all, would seriously test the old adage, “things can’t make you happy.”  But heck, there are so many good bikes out there today.  We are certainly blessed with amazing choices.  Another top criteria for the bike would be that is it spec’ed with the Eagle 1×12 drivetrain.

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      My current Foes Mixer IS my dream bike.

      Now, if I had no money concerns whatsoever, I’d hang some higher end parts on it and shed a couple pounds.

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      Hmm… A couple options:

      Pivot Switchblade with SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain, Fox 36 fork, Reynolds carbon wheels with I9 hubs

      Orange Five with same build above but for 27.5″ wheels

      Rocky Mountain Element with same build, but RockShox Pike instead of Fox 36

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      my 2003 maverick reposado with a new du32 29er fork and viola…
      already in hand…

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      YT Jeffsy CF Pro Race 29er.

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      My current Santa Cruz 5010.  Not the absolute most expensive build, but every single component, down to the spoke nipples, was my choice.

      Then maybe a Yeti Turq SB5 LR…

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      I think I’d enjoy an Ibis Ripmo SRAM XX1 build. If $$ was no object.

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      Top spec Evil Calling… I made a terrible mistake of demoing one while in Sedona, haven’t been able to get that bike out my mind since even though I already have a pretty blingy Fuel Ex with carbon everything (thank you Craigslist)

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      There are a lot of good bikes, and a lot of different ideas on what makes a great bike. If money were no object, my first thought goes to where would I go to ride it… Of course that is probably a separate thread altogether

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      Big Box Store Bike Mongoose  XR Pro 29er  Full Squish from Walmart ($400).   Then I would spend some money on quality fork and a rear shock,  bottom bracket, bar and stem and a new wheelset

      Just to hush the haters of these kinds of bikes


      I’m sorry I had to go there.

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      If money were no object, my first thought goes to where would I go to ride it…


      Had the same exact thought. If money were no object, I might just travel to different destinations and rent the sickest, most blinged-out bike I could find each place I went. That way, I could try all the trails AND all the bikes!

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      Felt Compulsion

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      I’ve already pretty much got it with my Orange Crush, but if I had the dough I build it up with some nicer components. Wheels would be my first priority, and I think I’d go for a set of Nox Composites Farlow wheels with Chris King hubs and the extra-tough dh layup for the rear rim. Handlebars I’m not sure about, but nothing carbon. Fork would be a Fox factory 36 or a Rockshox lyrik; I’d have to ride both to decide. Drivetrain would be shimano xtr. Dropper post would be a Thomson covert dropper, 150mm of travel. The frame of the bike would be customized with the reach and wheelbase of an XL frame but a shorter seat tube to accommodate a longer dropper post. Brakes would be either Hope Tech 3 E4s or Magura MT7s.

      The Crush is a great all-around bike, but I would like a dh bike, and it would be almost exactly this, but with Nox Composites Farlow wheels, (dh layup) cushcore, and not-carbon bars.

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