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      What’s the best advice you never got before you took your first mtb trail ride?

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      Make sure you buy the right size bike.  And when in trouble, go easy on use of your front brake.

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      Don’t drink so much the night before.

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      Momentum is your friend…..take full advantage of it.

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      Bring more than enough water/electrolyte gels and high carb snacks to keep you going.

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      It’s okay to walk a technical section you don’t know.

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      This sport is going to cost you a pretty penny. But, look at it like a gym membership to justify it.

      Don’t ride that front brake.

      Clipped pedals are awesome.


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      Learn about the basic trail riding techniques and skills beforehand so those little things that make trail riding faster, more efficient, and safer become instinct. Otherwise you’ll have to break yourself of bad habbits later.

      Also, don’t let your front tire drop into a rut while trying to see how fast you can go.

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      Learn about body position — the attack position and also maintaining a neutral position over the bike which actually changes as the trail gets steeper.

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      Nice little list collectively compiled by everyone.  Job well done imo. =)   Walpus, I’m not sure a beginner needs to know about clipped pedals for those early rides, but in the long run most would agree with you.  Now, your comment about this sport costing a pretty penny is wisdom personified. =)  I bought three bikes right away and a fourth one later — one for me and one for each of my three sons.  I learned real quick about this mtb expenses.

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      Do not drink energy drink before ride, especially when tired or sleepy.

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      Not all bling expensive and light weights parts are any better than the cheaper equivalents. They probably scratch easier, break easier and look worn quicker.  Just enjoy the ride.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>”Do you really need that rain jacket?  Answer – yes, emphatically for where I ride. Snow in August. Wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it…</p>
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Oh, and do not believe all bike reviews. I have had two, maybe three, costly mistakes based on positive reviews.</p>

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      30 seconds of walking now could save you 3 months of injury rehab

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      Take your helmet, and if you forget it… go back and get it.

      When biking on unfamiliar trails or areas you are not comfortable with, plan plenty of time to ride. Don’t take out on trails you don’t know late in the afternoon… you might be riding back in the dark…lol


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      Depends on the timing ; >

      If I was standing on the trailhead and ready to go – its all about body position, braking, and knowing that’s its okay to “hike a bike” when in doubt.

      If it was “in advance” of the ride (a day, a week) – then it would be about getting VERY comfortable with the equipment (brakes, gears, when to shift-up, when to shift-down, etc.).

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      These are my top 3.

      1. Proper riding gear – Specifically your saddle & chamois; both can have a huge impact on comfort depending on how/what you ride.

      2. Speed is your friend…within reason. Sometimes, taking a snails pace over an obstacle will increase it’s difficulty. Plan, commit, learn…if you don’t feel comfortable, walk it.

      3. Stretching & a regular fitness routine will help keep you loose, limber, and agile; which can help to prevent injuries.

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      Learn how to ride before you buy a expensive MTB. Dont be “That Guy” with a $8000 Santa Cruz and cant even ride it . And the only way to learn is to fall, make mistakes and sometimes look foolish. We have all been there.

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      Bring a towel and a dry shirt if it is hot, because you will be disgusting. Very stoked, but disgusting.

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      Learn first on a fat bike!

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      Brake BEFORE a curve, look farther down the trail…not immediately in front of your tire and downshift BEFORE starting up the hill.

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