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      In the latest video here.. Walmart Vs Whistler Bike Park, can anyone tell me the name or what type of rack the guy is using on his pickup truck. You can see a good view of it at the end of the video, but looks like some sort of rubber mat drapped over the tail gate. It appears to hold the bike standing up in place, with the front forks on the outside of the truck, with the rest of the bike inside the bed of the truck. Was curious if that was a comercial made product.


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      It’s a tailgate pad. I have one, and it’s terrific. Dakine, RaceFace,….lots of brands out there.

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        Looks like a great way to haul a couple mtb’s. Especially for short trips. Thanks buddy..

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      Yep, they’re great. Not just for short trips – I’ve taken 5 bikes a few hundred miles with no problems. My pad is made by Softride. Got it used locally for ten bucks.
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      Awesome.. Im ready looking at different ones on line. As you said, many different mamufactures.

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      I just use two generic moving pads when I carry bikes that way.

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      The pads that are made for this generally have straps to keep the mat in place, and also to keep the bikes from moving up/down or side-to-side. So they’re a bit more specialized than moving pads, but also much more expensive ($100+).

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        We have hitch bar type bike rack, but one of those pads would be nice to have as well..

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