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    Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike Frame SN04 Designed for Peak Performance on the Tough Terrains

    Most manufacturers of fat bike frames have started manufacturing symmetrical rear frames and ICAN is no exception. The Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike Frame SN04 from ICAN can eliminate any conflict between the tire and the chain even in the most extreme gear combinations. The SN04 fat bike frame is a full-suspension bike frame can make riding a no-sweat job even on the most uneven terrains. Here’s taking a look at the features of this paradigm shifting bike frame.

    Compatible with both 1x and 2xDrivertrains

    The high-modulus carbon fiber frame is perfectly compatible with both single chainring and double chainring drivertrain setups. There’s also a removable direct front-mounting derailleur bracket which facilitates a clean single chainring build.

    Compatible with RockShox Bluto Suspension Forks

    The frame is designed specifically for the RockShox Bluto suspension forks and is recommended for 120mm of travel. 74mm standard post-mount fork is most suitable for this frame. However, you can use any other suspension form with this full-suspension fat bike frame, as long as the thru-axle hub spacing does not go beyond recommended 150×15 mm hub spacing.

    Recommended 200mm rear shock with 120mm frame travel

    ICAN highly recommends using RockShox Monarch XX 200x57mm rear shock with this carbon frame. The travel design is precisely 120 mm. Even if you are using a different rear shock, you need to ensure that the eye-to-eye lengths match exactly the recommended specs of ICAN. Also, a 2.55mm of ground clearance is strongly recommended.

    High modulus carbon fiber fat bike frame

    Bike frames that are made with carbon fiber of high tensile strength are stiff and sturdy enough. ICAN Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike Frame SN04 is made of high-modulus carbon frame, which puts in a lot of efficiency. The material ICAN has used in its framed can offer superb stiffness, improved vibration damping, improved strength and outstanding weight savings. The frame offers 350gram weight savings compared to its aluminum cousin.

    Internal invisible cable routing makes way for easy maintenance

    The shift cable and the brake cable have been completely hidden inside the frame. Therefore, when you bike through all those rough and dusty unchartered terrains, your bike cables get optimal protection. Also, maintenance becomes particularly a cakewalk with the cables hidden inside.

    Chainstay protection for the chain

    The Chainstay Guard is a brilliant addition as it does not let the chain come in contact with the frame, thereby increasing the lifespan of both the chain and the frame itself. The 12X197mm symmetrical spacing of the rear frame also looks ideal from a biker’s viewpoint.

    Tapered headlight

    This in fact is the global standard for MTBs which ICAN has religiously followed. The tapered headtube increases fork stiffness along with the front-end frame stiffness, albeit adding almost no weight.

    Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike Frame SN04 Specifications at a glance

    Type of frame: 26er fat bike carbon frame
    Material used: Toray T700 high-modulus carbon fiber
    Weaving pattern: Custom painting or unidirectional matte
    Total frame weight: 2560 grams
    Bottom Bracket: 120mm BB Shell (BSA)
    Headtube Top and Down: 1-1/8” and 1-1/2”
    Seatpost: 31.6mm
    Seat clamp: 37mm
    Disc Rotor Size: 160mm (both front and rear)
    Rear spacing: 197mm
    Size: 16/18/20 inches

    What’s in the pack?

    Every Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike Frame SN04 also comes with 1 (one) seatpost clamp and 1 (one) rear-thru axle.

    What are the wheel and tire options?

    The three wheel and tire options available for this fat bike frame are:
    26×3.8 – 4.8” on a rim up to 100mm in length
    29×2.25 – 3”
    27.5 x 3.0 – 3.25”

    All in all, the SN04 can deliver you several performance gains, including increased pedaling efficiency, optimal traction, outstanding bump compliance, and smooth riding.

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    JMZGranny Gear

    The description above is pretty much off the ICAN website.  There are some things worth mentioning about the frame.   I am currently building up the frame using the components from my Salsa Beargrease; if you buy the whole bike this stuff may not be as important.

    1.  The frame is very heavy for carbon.  I though it was aluminum when I first picked it up.  The advertised weight seems low but I don’t have a scale.

    2.  The bottom bracket (tube) is 120 mm, Fat5.  The wider cranks from SRAM will reach but you have to play with the spacers and the crank will be close to the chainstay.  If you use spacers (on the BB) you will not get full purchase on the crank bolt. This also makes it tricky to set the chainline.  You may need to get a different offset chainring.  There are some cranks with longer spindles I’m sure but I’m trying to keep the Eagle NX (long version).

    3.  The frame I ordered from Amazon was advertised for 27.5 X 4.0 tires.  With my 45N 27.5 X 4 the ice studs are rubbing.  Barely fits this tire.

    4.  The factory puts lines through the frame to make it easy to thread cables.  This actually works pretty well.

    5.  Overall I am pleased with the product but my bike building skills will be tested.

    Hope this helps you out.  Ride well.


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