I want to upgrade from my Schwinn bike that I got frm Target

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      Can anyone tell me if I can get a harttail bike between 300 and 450 bucks? Thanks for the help.

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      [color=green:1n787z2b]My recommendation for a bike in that price range would be a Scott Ascent 50. Scott makes a wonderful frame so as you want to progress you can improve components. I bought a Trek 4300 to do the same with but was HIGHLY disappointed with the frame AND shock. My wife rides an Ascent 50 and has been thrilled with it. I finally graduated to a Scott Scale 50 but it is in the $1200 price range. FANTASTIC bike though. I do kind of wish I had gone on up to the $1500 price range and gotten a 40 rather than a 50. The 40 has a Fox shock and Juicy 5.0 disc brakes.
      Look at many different brands and see what feels best to you. And of course Scott isn’t as available as some brands.
      Good luck.[/color:1n787z2b]

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      gian makes a bike called the rincon. great bike in that price range. I believe it is about $400

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      That price range doesn’t sound like too much of an upgrade……

      I guess it all depends on what type of riding you plan on doing with this new bike. Are you planning on doing some true mountian biking or just some easy gravel road type riding? I’ve always been a true believer of you get what you pay for so be careful going too cheap and then using it for something it was not intended for.

      We seem to use the term "mountain bike" a bit too loosely in my opinion. Huffy’s and Murray’s and the like are not mountain bikes.

      I would consider craigslist or eBay or mtbr.com for a decent used bike with good (not plastic) components. You can usually find killer deals on used hardtails.

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      Boy,that’s kind of a tough proposition dude.
      If I were you and had a bike I was already riding and was working with a budget like that,I think I would start looking for a frame that would be good for the riding I planned on doing.Buy the frame and start building a bike over time and ride the one you already have till you get the new frame built.
      I got two bike’s right now,one full suspension and one hard tail I want to turn into an all out ridged bike.I found the frame for it on bikenashbar.com,it’s a steel-tig welded frame that was origianally $100 but they had a clearence sale on the frames for $50.then I bought handle bars from bikenashbar.com,shifter’s,derailer,stem,headset,etc..all for minimal pricing off of the bikenashbar.com sight,I think I got a few things from other websites as well,but like I said,I built the whole bike for cheap.
      The pont is this,as kid’s we were alway’s building beater bike’s we called thrasher bike’s.We would build them up from whatever parts and peices we could get our hand’s on.In this situation,it’s not the money you pay for a bike,but the experience you get from having to do it the slow and patient way.I still dont have alot of money 😮 but as kid’s we wanted to ride because having a bike is cool and fun and to this day I still cherish those day’s and that’s why I still have two bike’s,a really nice one and a really po’ boy bike.You can learn alot also by building a bike from scratch,your riding hurts a little,although once you take the time to build from scratch,you got a good experience from finding part’s and building a bike up.
      Just a thought,hope it help’s.

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      Well i went today to a bike shop and saw some nice treks for 400. I like them a lot. they feel a lot better.

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      I still ride a Trek 4300 sometimes that I bought 8 years ago. Great bike for the price. I love it, don’t have any complaints. The Judy shock has since seized up, but that’s a $100 fix (still not fixed). Plus Trek has a great warranty on their frames if you break it.

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      "elroca209" wrote

      Can anyone tell me if I can get a harttail bike between 300 and 450 bucks? Thanks for the help.

      Actually.. I recently picked up a Trek 820 from my local bike shop, for about $360.00. It’s steel, so it’s kinda heavy.. but it has a decent front shock, decent crankset, and decent brakes. Not stellar.. but good stuff for the price, and definitely an upgrade from a Target Schwinn.

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      Giant makes a few bikes in that price range that will be a good upgrade from a department store purchase..
      Giant Boulder runs around $250, the Boulder SE is slightly upgraded with an aluminum frame and runs around $300, and the Giant Rincon which is available with disc brakes can run about $400-$450.

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      check craigslist and see what used stuff pops up.

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      "canker" wrote

      check craigslist and see what used stuff pops up.

      Ill second the Craigslist suggestion!
      Im ridng a Specialized Rockhopper (#1 rated hardtail here) I picked up for $300 😃
      A lady was sellin off her X’s stuff- yea I felt a little guilty but somebody was going to get a good deal- might as well be me!

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      Dam, what a great bike so far. Way more comfortable then my Taget bike. It is so much more fun to ride again.

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