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      Hey Guys

      Having just come back to riding in the Australian Summer/Autumn(Fall) Ive been lucky to get away with just my jersey for my rides and a rainjacket stashed in my gear. But now its starting to get colder and the jersey is no longer enough so looking for some recommendations on a Jacket to go over the jersey.

      Something that’s warm when its cold out but has ventilation when it starts to get warm. Temps range from 40-60f during winter for where I live and it doesn’t snow so waterproofing isn’t necessary.

      Thought I would ask here considering all the help regarding my backpack/fannyback question.



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      I avoid jackets, they rarely “breathe”.  Just wear layers of merino wool shirts.  They actually do breathe and keep me warm, for rain protection a coated jacket is fine, but for colder temps I never wear jackets.  Good luck

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      A wool jersey sounds like it would do the trick. Merino is the jam. Cycling specific wool jerseys can be really expensive, so if you want to stay warm on the cheap, go to a thrift store and find an old wool sweater.

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