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      So I’m saving for a real mtb, but I’m having trouble finding a bike I know will fit me. I’m pretty tall, at 203cm / 6’8″, and Trek is the only manufacturer I’ve found that produces bikes in my size. At least according too their sizing charts.
      Currently I’m looking into hardtails, since they’re alot cheaper and I don’t know if my skill level would let me take advantage of a full suspension.
      The Trek Roscoe seems to fit my needs pretty well. But looking at the actual geo listed on their website, the reach is kinda short at 457 mm. At least compared to other brands, like the Kona Honzo. Wich has a reach of 510 mm. But according to Kona, the Honzo won’t fit. So I’m a bit confused. Is reach the one and only meassurement I should be looking at? My buddy tells me that I NEED to go for a 29er. Do I?
      And I get even more confused when I look at Treks full suspension bikes in the same size. The Fuel EX in size XXL has a reach of 515-520 mm, depending on low/high setting on the mino link. I would go for a full sus, if that’s the only option that fits me.

      I could really do with some help finding a bike that fits me. It doesn’t help that I live in a pretty secluded city, far north of the arctic circle. So my only option is buying a bike unseen online. My budget is $1500-$2500

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      Your height is a challenging issue. I am only 6’1″ so can’t comment on a lot but have a couple of suggestions. I would recommend a 29er. I have both a 29er and 27.5 hartail. I prefer the 29er and you being even taller I think will like it more. Although based on where you live you might want to consider a fat bike or 27.5 plus. I would look at the Trek Farley or Trek Satche. Framed is another company to check. Kona is a solid brand also

      You might want to search the GMBN YouTube channel or GMBN tech. They have a presenter who is taller and he has delved into the topic of a taller rider some. He has the same issue as you trying to find a bike for himself as a taller rider.

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      Finding a stock bike from a mainstream bike company that will fit you is going to be a challenge.  Most mainstream bikes in the largest sizes are made for about 6’4″ tall persons.  If you find one of the largest size bikes and put on an extra-long stem, seatpost, and crankarms, you might get a bike to fit.   However, you would likely need to do this in a bike shop to be certain of the fit.

      Reach is not the best indicator of size.  Instead, I would compare toptube length to detetmine the longest (or biggest) size.   You definitely want to be looking for the longest bike you can find.  You will likely find that Enduro type bikes (and there are Enduro hardtails also) have the longest top tubes and will therefore provide you with the best chance of finding a bike that fits.  When you’re searching the internet to find that very longest bikes, use toptube length.

      I would also suggest the you look at bikes with 29×3.0 tires (or 27.5×4.5 tires if you go Fat).  I think you will be most comfortable with the tallest wheels you can get which is 29+ or 27 Fat.  At least, try to find a bike with 29×2.6 tires.  Some 29×2.6 hardtails I like are the Specialized Fuze and Norco Torrent HT.

      Check out DirtySixer.com which specializes in bikes for very tall people.  They make 36″ wheel bikes with huge price tags.  A Dirty Sixer might be a great bike for you, if you can afford one?


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      Not sure if the manufacturer ships, but KHS has a ‘BNT’ (big n tall) hardtail with geo specifically designed for those with height, it might be worth checking out. Good luck, it’s a bummer it’s not easier to find a bike that fits you!

      (And I would definitely go for a 29er. With an XXL frame a 27.5 wheel would feel pretty twitchy.)

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      Thank you for your input, guys!

      I checked out a couple more bikes including the KHS BNT, but the Kona Honzo still has the larger frame.
      If I’m buying a hardtail, I’ll go for the Honzo. If I can afford a full sus when the time comes, I’ll go for a Trek Fuel EX.

      Wintertime is usually my jam, but this year I can’t wait for spring!

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      Specialized Rockhopper Pro 1x 29, comes in XXL rated to 6’6″. Might work for you. Around $1200, but doesn’t come with a dropper post.

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