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      Hello everyone, I’m new here. Wanting to get back into riding, I recently purchased a 2018 Cannondale trail 6 with the large frame and 29″ wheels. Let me just say that this bike was a HUGE step up from the cheap mountain bike I had before. After riding it several times, however, I’ve realized that I need something different. I’m 5’10 and 140lbs. While this bike handles well for me, It doesn’t perform wheelies or manuals very easily and that’s something I really like doing. Now I’m looking to get something that’s a bit more playful if you know what I mean. I’ve been doing a bit of research and I’ve found a couple of models that look like they would be good candidates. I’m thinking about the Trek Roscoe 8 or the Giant Fathom 2. My main thought process is that having a shorter chainstay and the smaller 27.5″ tires will help me get the kind of control that I desire.

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      Just one?

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      Trek Stache has the shortest chainstay that I know of.

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        Yeah, I saw the Trek Stache. Looks like a really awesome bike, and everyone loves it apparently. Pretty cool looking and very innovative having a midstay. I hope more manufacturers start doing that. Starting out at <span class=”price-bundle”> <span id=”priceRange” class=””> <span class=”actual-price”>$1,889.99</span> </span> </span> I just can’t afford it though. Lol.

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      Banshee bikes generally run shorter chainstays, and slacker head angles…which make for a more playful bike.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I just purchased a giant talon 2.  Large, 27.5.  Like the bike alot.  You really need to focus on frame geometry if you want a bike thats “easier” to manual and wheelie.  Seth on seths bike hacks has a great video explaining all that.  Just remember, the only way to get good at something is to practice.  No bike will be easy to manual, if you dont know how to manual.</p>

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      I  bought a Roscoe 8 a few months ago and it has great control. I’m assuming you know to do a serious test ride before you buy. Frame size is critical; I’m 6’ and ride a large frame and it fits me well. The dropper post really helps with manuals because it makes it so easy to get behind the seat. I’ve only been able to put 300 miles on it, but all trail miles, and it climbs great, descenda good and corners fast. Manuals and wheelies are fairly easy but doing true bunny hops has taken some work.

      Happy hunting for the new bike.

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        Thanks! I’m seriously considering the Roscoe lineup because my local shop deals in Trek bikes and it will be easier… How come it’s difficult to bunny hop though?

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      Kona Honzo.  415mm Chainstays

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        Damn that’s short! Just as short as the trek stache. There’s no Kona dealers near me though. Thanks for the recommendation.

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        I went from a Specialized Hard Rock with clipless pedals and it seemed like you could practically twirl the bike any which way but it had 26” rims so going to the 27.5” rims plus back to flat pedals has taken some getting used to. The bunny hops are my fault, not the bike’s. First time I went to pull one, um, oops, no clipless pedals, no back wheel lift and I barely got my shoes back on the pedals. And I was going fast.

        One complaint I heard people make about the Roscoe was the brakes. I seated mine right off the bat and haven’t  had any issues. I’ve gone down a lot of steep hills, applied both brakes, and for me, they work great.  Yes, they’re are better brakes, but this isn’t a $3K hard tail.

        Only complaint I have is when shifting uphill, it seems a bit difficult not to crunch the gears if I need to shift. Easy thing is to not shift but that’s not always practical.

        I just think this bike is a great value. Everybody has their preference but for me, this hit all the right points and didn’t kill my bank account.

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      At 5’10” like myself…. give those Medium frames a try and I agree with trying he 27.5 as well.

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