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      I need a pedal bike not a Conan the pedal and crank arm destroyer. I need a midatlantic bike, NOT a ride the lift up and coast down or a desert bike.

      all the YouTube videos are in downhill mostly and long LOW BB and slack bikes.


      Something 120-140 suspension that pedals where ever I want! Not only great at coasting downhill. Something that is well designed, made well as a kind of do it all bike.

      true narrow single track with quick change of direction and speed, with rocks, roots, a lot of soil types…

      thank you for your wisdom.

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      I think you need a Downcountry bike. A Downcountry bike is a cross between an XC bike and a Trailbike. Usually, they are lightweight, come with 100-120 mm rear travel, but have modern progressive Trailbike geometry and Trail tires, not XC geometry and XC tires. Here are some Downcountry bikes I like in order of most favorite to least favorite.

      Specialized Epic Evo
      Transition Spur
      Ibis Ripley
      Giant Trance 29 (not the longer travel Trance X 29)
      Evil Following
      Kona Hei Hei
      Trek Top Fuel
      Scott Spark

      If you are on a budget, the least expensive Giant Trance 29 sells for only $2150. The first five bikes on this list generally get glowing reviews.

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        Some of these bikes have extremely low bottom brackets, which I don’t think is going to fit with what the OP is looking for. I don’t know the geo off the top of my head of all these bikes, but I don’t think the Transition Spur or Evil are going to suit you well. These days, you’re honestly looking at getting a bike that’s more XC focused, as they aren’t going to be on the ‘extreme’ end of geometry. Or, you could always buy a bike and increase the fork travel on it (if possible), get a taller lower bottom bracket cup (if possible), buy a 27.5″ bike and put a 29″ front wheel on it (if it fits in the fork, or a new fork), angleset to steepen the head angle (which will raise the BB a tad), offset shock bushings, ride with less sag in your suspension, etc. Anything that’s going to lift the front end of the bike up will raise the bottom bracket that’s more inline with tight/twisty/techy riding.  You might also want to look into used bikes from the previous generation.

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      I’ll keep riding my Wildcat without any vanity classifications…

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      I ride an Evil Insurgent. Another good all around for the money is the Giant Trance.

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