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      Ok, I wanted to post this in the beginner section as a warning, kinda. Ok so here goes.
      Yesterday I went riding, I was barreling down a long hill, it’s not too steep just really long, I was going about as fast as I could down it when I hit a ratchet strap that someone had dropped. It got sucked up into my tires and sent me on an impromptu flying lesson. When I hit I rolled end-over-end and somehow managed to come out with only a headache.
      That’s when I learned two things:
      1) To look for hidden tire munchers and,
      2) The Importance of a helmet!

      I still have a headache and my back is sore, but I’ll still be riding. Oh, and I went and got me a helmet.

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      Not wearing a helmet while riding…could have been you.

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      Is that a wire sticking out of his head!? Da^*!!! Ok yeah, I’m going to wear a helmet from now on. I guess I was lucky, I missed the cactus and the mesquite trees on the side of the road and landed in a strip of grass. Ooohh, that wasn’t you was it?

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      I am pretty sure it is a spork.

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      or a straw… ?

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      It’s a shunt. Basically a straw to allow his head to drain fluid without swelling too much to cause brain damage. Nasty.

      BTW, it’s not me thank God.

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      Wear a helmet

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      "GoldenGoose" wrote

      Not wearing a helmet while riding…could have been you.

      +1, I ALWAYS wear my helmet

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      Giro Xen ftw!

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      Hrlmets are definately the one area you also don’t want to cheap out on!

      +1 on Giro’s

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      It pains me to see riders without helmets!!

      +1 on the Giro Xen – awesome helmet

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      I bought a Giro Indicator. Unfortunately I cannot afford a really expensive one. But it did pay for itself yesterday. I took it on the Wee-Chi-Ta trail here, and fell a couple of times, but I did realize a couple of things. First it actually keeps me cooler than a hat and second is that I now need some cycling glasses. I’ll be getting those later on this week. That was the first developed trail that I’ve been on and I’m pretty stoked. I’ll be heading back as soon as it warms back up.

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      If you’re on a budget, try these:
      http://www.singletracks.com/mtbreviews/ … /3310.html

      They’re not sunglasses, but they do keep crap out of your eyes, I have a pair for night riding.

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      I’m getting me a nice pair of sunglasses. Mostly it’s to keep things out of my eyes, but also its because my eyes are a little sensitive to light. I really cannot be outside too long, without them, before my eyes start to burn. I’ve been looking at some different cycling glasses at my local bike shop, I’m just waiting until payday. Besides I’d rather wait and get me something nice than rush and get me something I wouldn’t like.

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      I am so glad you went and got you a helmet. I cannot say this enough I am so glad you went and got you a helmet!!

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      Yeah it paid for itself on my first outing with it. Bounced off of a tree and the helmet saved me a good headache.

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      Also, the helmet helps with those little low laying branches. Just point your head down and they bounce right off the shell.

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      Have you ever been through mesquite trees? They don’t bounce off, They stick in and hurt you later with their sharp, pointy, Points of Doom. Stupid mesquite trees. 😈 😈 😆

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      Yeah helmets are a must, but here’s a question. Is there any difference between a basic model and a high end other that the weight? I’m using a Giro Indicator because the price was good on it and I didn’t see the need in spending a lot of money on equipment until I’m in need of it.

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      By ‘in need of it, you mean right at the moment your noggin is smacking a rock?

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      Well, what I mean was until I’m good enough to really get myself hurt. My basic question is, is there much difference between a mid and high grade of helmet?

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      All helmets sold in US must meet minimum safety standards. Everything from the $150 top end helmets to the $10 ones at Wal-Mart.

      Now, more money [i:2awv4hpa]may[/i:2awv4hpa] mean it gives you more safety as well. Or it may not.

      More money usually buys you less weight, better ventilation, and a more adjustable/comfortable fit.

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      I went from a walmart helmet to a Giro Xen, and although like dgaddis said, they all meet minimum safety requirements, there’s just no comparison between the two.

      For example, a better fitting, more comfortable helmet will be more likely to actually get worn, and it will stay on your head better when you do crash.

      Just remember, Ford Pintos and Volvos both met federal requirements. The question is, do you want to be barely protected, or really protected?

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      Oh, well that’s good to know. When I went to the bike shop the only difference I could find was the weight and the harness system. I went with the basic one so that I could afford some more tools and things that I needed as well.

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      In general, I have found that any helmets in the LBS are generally better than any in Walmart.

      Not slamming walmart directly, they just market to a different crowd.

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      Yeah, about the only thing I’ll get from Walmart is tubes. And that’s only if I can’t get to a LBS

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