I have aquired 2 frames and was wondering

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      what they might be worth.
      One is a Specialized Hardrock GT Sport and the other is a GT Aggressor. Neither is complete, but I am thinking about building the GT, since it is a bigger frame.
      I don’t know what year they are or much of anything else about them. I was also given a Catapult Equator aluminum series. I can’t seem to find any info on it.
      I can get frame size if that helps any. Also the GT is a matte gray color and the Hardrock is white and has a rigid fork.

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      Does your hardrock look like this?

      At any rate, Bikepedia.com is a pretty good resource for researching older bike models.

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      No it has small tubes and I believe it is made out of chromoly.
      I also said it was white, but since I finally looked at it in the daylight, I noticed that it is silver color. From what I saw on the bikepedia website, it must be a 95 model. It is a 13.5" frame.
      I think I may have found me a buyer for it. It is a girl who posted on craigslist saying she wanted a 13" bike. I told her $35 and have now wishing I said $50. Oh well, I gave less than that for all 3 bikes. 😃
      Here is a pic of it

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      EDIT I somehow managed to post twice.

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      Sorry for the thread jack but thanks for that link I found out my bike is a 95

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      Yeah, that is a good site for stuff. I found that my daily rider is a 2003.
      It is a 2003 GT Avalanche 3.0.

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