I hate spider webs

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      Enough said.

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      One thing I do not miss about riding in Georgia!

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      That’s horrendous.  Burn the bike

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      Don’t burn it…send it to me (at your expense). I’ll de-spiderize it and return it to you. I have vast experience with this sort of thing.

      I’ll have it back to you by next winter. Or perhaps spring. Maybe.

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      1997 called and wants it’s stem back. Spiders?!? No big deal. Just flick them off and ride on.

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        Keep the spider on there


        maybe it will scare the Bears away

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      Always my dilemma when I lived in Virginia:  ride early to beat the crowd, but if I was first out, I’d be “breaking trail” through web after web.  Not horrible, but definitely annoying.

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      I hate spider webs but I hate the taste of the actual spider in the web. As I ride through the web huffing for breath mouth open and in it goes. Ugh… Too many times.

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      1997 called and wants it’s stem back.

      It’s an old photo but I just came across it in iPhoto this week. 🙂

      This was the most spideriffic trail I’ve ever ridden, and by the end I was carrying a stick in one hand and waving it up and down to clear the webs. Even that wasn’t enough!

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      Man, this couldn’t have been more timely.  I was “breaking trail” this morning.  Most likely looked like I had some sort of nervous twitch….

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      I can relate.  I would rather battle the FL heat by going a little later in the morning than run into the webs and their residents.  I will go early on group rides and more than happy to let someone else lead and clear the trail.

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      In Florida, the OMBA mascot (jersey logo) is a Golden Orb spider. One Santos trail section is known as Spider Kingdom. I’m 6’4″, I ride early…..unfortunate fact of life once it warms up.

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