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      My wife finally, finally agreed to let me get my first full suspension bike! I went to my LBS (Fahrradladen) located in Ramstien-Mesinbach, Germany. The owner there, Fabian, runs that store perfectly. I go there for any of my bike needs, even when I had my crappy Cannondale. I went there and I ended up getting myself a very sexy giant… Giant Stance 2 27.5. OMG the difference! I have rode 40mi (70k) in the past 3 days that I have had the bike and I can’t wait to get out of work and go out riding. There is little village right behind my base that I’m stationed at and I have learned that entire mountain in the last 3 days.


      All that being said, what is the things that I have to watch for with the bike as this is my first time owning a FS MTB? Any tips out there? Thanks in advance!


      Also, I know the Stance runs for 2k but I got a massive deal on mine. I just saw a post from earlier a few days that somebody was saying the Stance 2 was not worth it, but the deal that I got, I couldn’t pass it up!


      Lastly, if anybody is over here in Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz, and wants to go riding, LET ME KNOW! I need more people to ride with!

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      Keep in mind that a FS bike isn’t designed to simply plow into every obstacle on the trail. I know when I first upgraded from a hardtail to a FS I thought the bike was invincible and that I didn’t need to choose my lines as carefully as before. Turns out this is not the case, and overconfidence often leads to injury and damage to the bike. 🙂 Full suspension generally allows riders to go faster and longer, but it doesn’t do all the work for the rider.

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      Congrats! I know your joy…I just got my first full-suspensionthis past November. The difference in handling just from the added rear traction is incredible.

      Since I’v only had mine a short time, the only advice I’ll offer is: be safe and have fun!

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      Congrats Rob.  Post a pic of your new stead.

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      I said the Trance was worth the extra. But that does not mean that the Stance is not worth the money. I started on Stance, in 2015 as my first FS, and I still have it.  The things to know about the Stance are,

      1: the single pivot point rear will still be harsh on small fast hits if set up to take big hits, but on your first FS you shouldn’t have to worry about that for awhile. I would start with rear sag at 30% to 35%.

      2: the fork angle is a bit steep for serious technical riding, but the bike overall can take a lot and is great in tight single track. Once I started riding more technical trails, I switched the fork sag from 30% to 20% to reduce compression and make it easier to keep my weight back on rock and log crossings. Went over the bars a couple times before I changed the sag.

      3: I found the stem seemed too long, mine was 60mm, I switched to 40mm and it seemed to make the steering sharper.

      Overall a good quality fun bike. Enjoy.

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      Keep an eye on your moving parts. Make sure your pivot bolts are tightened with the correct amount of torque (don’t over tighten!) you don’t want them coming loose on a ride. Might seem obvious but many hardtail riders are not immediately used to this. Have fun!

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      Congratulations,  I was stationed at miesau 35 years ago and we would go to ramstein to buy stuff at the px. Have fun on the new rig!

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      Thank you all for the tips! Will keep them in mind!

      Alvin; I hear ya on my compression. I’ve gone OTBs twice yesterday. Learned the importance of elbow and knee pads. Got a massive abrasion on my right forearm and a good gash on my right shin. Haha. Oh well.


      As far as the pic, I don’t know how to post pics! 🙁 It just says source but I can’t actually add anything into it. I’m sorry.

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        Ahh that first full squish feeling I remember that. It’s like cheatin!

        I suggest getting a can of suspension spray. Keep your fork stantions clean as well as your rear shock. I spray and clean mine every ride.

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