Hydraulic hose in between BB and BB shell?

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      Well So I decided to get rockshox reverb dropper post. In order to install it I removed the water bottle cage, which I never use, and drilled one of the holes a little bigger for the hose. I then pushed the hose down the down tube. Next I removed the BB to help push the hose up the seat tube. Then when I went to put the BB back on I realized the hose was to big to fit in between the BB and the BB shell! So I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this? Maybe get a different BB with a smaller center sleeve, if so what BB would you recommend? Or maybe I could sand down the section between the the down tube and seat tube, but I don’t know how I would do the sanding.

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      This is my current bottom bracket, but 4 years old

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      What is your frame made out of? Clearly you’re not afraid to widen holes in the frame, so maybe you could consider drilling a hole in the seat tube instead? This is where internal dropper ports are usually located, though I think if your solution does work out, it could look a lot cleaner.

      I’m sure others will correct me here, and while this isn’t ideal, I will say I’ve run bottom brackets without the shell before (by mistake) and the world did not end. My BB probably wore out a bit prematurely, as the shell exists to keep water out of the frame and the BB itself. While the shell exists to improve durability, it doesn’t affect the performance AFAIK.

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      It’s an alloy, I think aluminum. But it’s a hard tail so I don’t know if that would put more stress on a new hole. But I really only do xc riding, so if I were to drill a new hole where in the seat tube would you recommend.

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      With the type of BB you have, the sleeve can’t be removed. So unless you want to buy a new crankest that uses an external type BB, you’re stuck. If it were a steel frame, I’d say definitely go ahead and drill a hole in the seat tube, but I’m not as sure about aluminum.

      It would probably be fine and you’ve already voided your warranty anyway…

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