Hydraulic Disc Brake Problems

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      Hello, i’ve been having problems with my brakes for a while now. When I first bought the bike used off of someone almost 2 years ago the brakes were fine, I left my bike out during the summer with my dog and she bit the hydraulics so I ended up having to replace them. After replacing the brake hose and bleeding the brakes I realized that the braking was very weak from both front and rear, I later went to the bike shop and had them bleed the brakes for me since they are better with bikes than I am. I go ride my bike and the brakes are still very weak, after a while of leaving it out in the heat and humidity the disc was rusty so I later ended up replacing the front and rear disc with a 180 mm shimano disc and I also bought new metal pads, at first when I tried it out the brakes were very strong, I would be able to brake so hard that I would launch myself over the bars, it was insane. Now this previous summer I went outside of the country and never got a chance to take my bike with me because the airline didn’t let me, my bike stayed in a box all summer and now that i’m back and assembled it, I realized that the brakes were very weak and I also noted that the brakes were very dirty somehow. I cleaned the brakes with alcohol and I thought that would do the trick but the brakes are still weak. I don’t know whether it’s because there is air in the system or what so I came on here looking for help since I don’t want to have to replace my whole brake system.

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