Hydraulic brake trick

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      I’m new to the forum; first post.   Some of you may already know this but I have a nice trick for the hydraulic brakes if you like a firm break.  We used to do this on motorcycles for a tight break.  I wasn’t sure if it worked on bicycles but I tried it on my old Stumpy 29 which was giving me the “mush break.”

      After the brake is bled and filled (make sure there is no air in the handle), put a zip tie around the brake lever over night.  Compress the lever fully but not as tight as you can.   This will force out the air slowly.  Make sure everything is tight so you don’t squeeze out the oil!  Remove the tie in the morning and pump it once or twice.  Should be soooo tight if everything else is good.


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      will take note of that. thanks for the tip

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