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      I went to REI and tried on all the XL helmets, including the one I was planning on buying, the Fox Flux Large/XL. Well, it didnt fit. None of them did. Its like they were shaped weird and were skinnier and pushed on the sides of my head. Im currently using a Bell cross country style helmet that fits well  (your standard helmet everyone has) , but Im looking for something with more coverage like the Super 2 or fox flux. Im a size 7 and 1/2-3/4 hat, but like I said, its the shape of the helmets too. Anyone have any advice, considering bike stores only have so much in stock and I dont want to just order one and take a chance?

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      Helmets are hard. There’s no consistency in fit within or between brands. Your best bet is to keep trying different helmets until you find something that works. Or order one with a good return policy.

      I recently tried the Smith Forefront and it’s the most comfortable helmet I’ve worn yet.

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      Second on the Smith Forefront. I have a massive head as well. Years ago in marching band, I had to cut my XL helmet open in the back so it could spread to fit my noggin. Many snapback hats only fit with the last snap engaged. People look at me and say “Wow, I hope he doesn’t have an ego to match!”. You get the point.

      But the Smith Forefront fits like a dream. There is minimal padding and the shape of my head doesn’t even match the inside contour of the helmet very well, yet the padding that is there is superb and the adjustment system holds the helmet securely and comfortably in place.

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      Try the Kali line of helmets, too. Kali Protectives makes some great stuff, but all the Kali helmets I’ve bought always run on the (very) large side.

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      I wasn’t impressed with Kali (Amara) – fit adjustments next to none. From budget line id suggest to take a look at Specialized’s helmets – fits my big head well. Not so long ago I’ve tried Bell Super – and this one fits best from what I’ve had.

      Yet the best is to go in store and try it.

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      Try to get your hands on and head in a Troy Lee Designs A1. Best, most comfortable helmet I’ve ever owned. I too have a large head but it really has to do with the actual shape of your noggin so the TLD may not fit either. If it does, your search is over! Good Luck

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      If I were you, I would try a few helmets to find the most suitable. The best for me was Gonex Wind, but it’s expensive . Firstly I had some troubles with a proper size, but it’s really comfortable. U can try to find something on There is a nice top of the helms, so all of them are pretty good.

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