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      I’m considering a new wheel build. How will a hub with a high P.O.E. affect suspension?

      I’m primarily riding slow New England tech trails and while the high P.O.E. hubs will certainly transfer force more efficiently when I’m ratcheting the pedals on the tech flats and climbs, I don’t want to sacrifice suspension efficiency.

      Based on your experience, any advice you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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      Nothing will change. Go get yourself some C. King or i9 hubs and have fun.

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      TechtoFlow, I can say without any doubt, my Onyx hubs are downright irreplaceable on my Wildcat. Zero slop, same day engagement FTW! Colors, much like CK and i9, as well.

      Quality hubs only augment a full squish…

      Fleetwood Brougham above.


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      Sunspot……..Sweet lookin’ machine! Whatcha’ ridin?

      BTW, my main concern is Pedal Kickback and it’s affect on canceling the suspension to some degree – not on the tech downhills-just switch into a higher gear, although I’d prefer not to have to think about that as the trails I ride are in areas with a constant undulating tech terrain. Every 100 yards or so the terrain changes from flats to uphills and downhills.

      While I don’t want to experience this (Pedal Kickback) on the tech flats, I certainly don’t want to experience it on the gnarly tech descents.

      I’ve read that you’re more likely to experience Pedal kickback with high P.O.E. hubs.

      What has your experience been on the Onyx? I’ve narrowed it down to either the Onyx Vespar or the DT Swiss 240 EXP (36t or 54t).

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      Heya TechtoFlow!

      The bike is RSD’s Wildcat V1

      High POE and poorly designed suspensions are likely to give kickback. My green mountain eater does not offer such behavior not becoming a bike of breeding, lol. Keep in mind, while pedaling, if kickback exists, you will experience it regardless of POE. Bottom line, a Huffy hub will not mask or cover kickback any more than an Onyx would amplify it.

      The Onyx sprag has what I refer to as windup. That is the feeling one gets when power is applied. The sprag engages instantly but you will feel as though the chain stretches slightly as you begin to pedal. The blessing is no impact occurs when you lead foot these hubs. The secondary item that is awesome is silence is bliss. Coasting makes no clicks, simply silent function. I have run the Onyx wheels on my pithy singlespeed as well as the Wildcat. Frankly, that is a really bad thing to do! Makes me wanna blow some dosh on wheels… I did notice a performance increase regardless which bike is on Onyx.

      My addiction was perpetuated by my trials bike with 108 point engagement that is a staple in trials competition. After becoming accustomed to little slop to take up, I became spoiled freakin’ rotten.

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