HR zone training on a mountainbike

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      So in my effort to get fitter and faster, I’m looking at doing HR zone training! – but going up and down hills doesn’t really allow me to ‘zone’ to a particular effort.

      Anyone any recommendation on training for this – or is it just a case of ride hard and ride for longer?



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      Training via HR on a trail is going to be really tough, as it sounds like you found out.

      If you’re really serious about training, you can get a trainer like one from CycleOps. Short of going that route, it would be better to ride on a flattish section of road, even on your mountain bike. Really though, a trainer is the best route. It’s boring as hell, but if you have a training plan and stick to it, you’ll get faster quickly.

      I do a variety of rides. Intervals and rides with very specific structure are done on the trainer, it’s much easier to hit and maintain specific targets. Endurance rides (2-4 hours) are often done on the road or cross bike outside. And then I ride a couple times a week on singletrack. Usually a shorter easier ride during the week and a longer more intense ride on the weekend.

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      Thanks fort eh reply Aaron!

      I don’t get on with road bikes – don’t like the drop bars, and feel very uncomfortable / unsafe on one! Also turbo isn’t a option for me – as its just too boring 🙁

      My current bike isn’t really setup for endurance rides – am considering one of these to travel along the canals / footpaths etc

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      No problem! You may want to read Jeff’s article from today, it’s very timely:

      I would steer you away from the Crosstrail and point you to something like the Sirrus instead. It’s essentially a flat bar road bike.

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      Im also interested on this subject is there a beginners plan out there to train with HR zones I know a power meter would be best but its too expensive at my level, looking for a training plan based on HR zones.

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      I’m following a training plan from british cycling (modified) – so my week is as follows:

      • rest Monday
      • light 10 miles Tuesday (train to HR zone 2)
      • rest wednesday
      • outside ride on Thursday 10-15 miles – (not to HR zone)
      • rest Friday
      • club ride on Saturday (pretty hard  20-25 miles)
      • light recovery ride on sunday (to hr zone 1-2)

      rest days i am doing some roller exercises, and will be doing swimming on a Friday evening. After a couple of weeks i will be upping my distances- plan will get me to 100 miles in 8-12 weeks (ready for some sportive in the UK and then a MTB trip in may/june).

      I was finding i wasn’t loosing as much weight as i wanted, because i was always going hell-for-leather on the trails, but curtailing the efforts into a structured plan will also get me in the ‘fat burning zone’




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      Great Thanks for the info Peter!

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