How you end up buying your first MTB?

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      Greetings fellow MTBikers,

      I am one of those cyclists who was active a long time ago & looking to get back to regular riding once again. Back when I was happily exploring the world on my BMX (gosh its at least 20 years already!), I recalled that bikes were without any suspension on their forks & stopped by having their rims squeezed by 2 rubber pads!

      So you guys can imagine the bewilderment that I got when I started looking at potential MTBs to jumpstart my riding comeback 😮

      And so I ended up here, looking forward to learning from your valuable experience in getting myself a suitable bike. Here is the deal:

      I want to get back to regular riding, at least weekly. For my first hardtail, I will get an entry level one. On my shortlist are: Diamondback Response Sport, GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc, Jamis Trail X3 & Merida Matts 20-MD.

      My view is that this first bike will get me back into riding & familiarize me with basic mechanical workings. As I get better & know what I want in a better bike, I can then pass this first bike to my wife so that she can go ride with me! And of course, I would have a shiny new & better ride then!

      So for my selfish little plan, what would you guys advise? BTW, do I need to pay attention to different suspension fork, eg. 80mm, 100mm, 120mm? Does it matter at this entry level?

      Thanks alot people. Enjoy your ride!

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      Welcome back and good hunting!

      Of the 4 bikes mentioned I personally like the Jamis – better components and I think a slightly better fork. I’m not very familiar with the Merida line so I can’t speak for their durability. GT and Jamis are rock solid and Diamondback has been making a bit of a comeback if you will. BTW – If you do go with the Merida, the Orange is HOT!

      I would be leary of an entry level bike with more than 100mm of suspension. If you’re just getting into the sport you’re not going to be taking big hits for a while and 100m should be more than enough. Now when you pawn off your old beat up frame to your wife ( 😆 ) then you should start looking full suspension and more travel. This all depends, of course, on where you live and what type of trails you’ll be riding.

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      How you end up buying your first MTB?

      In early 1984, I was a semi-serious "ROAD" touring cyclist, working a crappy production control clerk factory job. I’d really had it with the job and a aquataince was going to open a bicycle shop. I talked him into hiring me as a "Huffy Buster", (yep, I worked on the junk bikes), I saw my first MTB and that was it, sold the Univega Specilismua and bought a entry level Raleigh MTB, did my first NORBA Novice Race in 85 with the boss and my son.

      Saved up all my pennies and got a top of the line "Raleigh Mt. Crested Butte MTB, LOL, all we had were "Ridged’s", I mean the "U-Fork and cantiliver brakes" were "high tech back then 😉 I had the most FUN on a bicycle I ever had, sadly the shop closed down, (messy divorce) but my first love is still MTB’s! Although being a "OLD" guy, I have to admit that these, Full Squishers, REALLY need a motor added to look right, I mean, my old 250 Can-AM dual purpose motorcycle (trail bike) didn’t have as good of a suspension set up as a lot of these DH, FR, Jump bicycles do 😮

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