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      Just curious as to how well the airless all rubber inner tube work? The ones from Walmart or academy sports. They seem like a great idea but just not sure. What about the slime self sealing tubes. Thanks in advance.

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      Never tried them on a bike. I’ve used foam filled tires in other settings, and yeah they work well if the application is right. I can’t imagine they would allow easy tire installation. I hate getting flats myself but I love the adjustability of pneumatics. I can fine tune for traction or rolling resistance as needed. You are better off with Slime tubes or Stans sealer, though both are a mess if there is a good leak. Slime tubes are heavy and would work well for a more downhill setup.

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      I wouldn’t think it is a good option for mountainbike. Like Jeremy Saltzer said, you can’t adjust air pressure, which is very important to get the best traction out of your tires. Like Jeremy said, try Stan’s. Another quality brand for tubeless is Orange Seal.

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      I’ve heard people say that they didn’t like the slime tubes. I think I’ve heard two who might. I’ve never cared for slime, although it works. Stan’s is lighter and I personally prefer the Stan’s over slime. I know in the past I’ve had slime stick to one side of the tire and throw the radial balance all off. Because of this, more than once, I’ve stayed away from Slime. But that was years ago. Hope you get it sorted out for ya. Take care.


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