How to tighten steering

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      I have a specialized roll elite. It has written on the side to tighten to 6nm. I’ve tightened the headset bolt up to 12 nm’s and still it’s loose.

      I had a Scott road bike that unless I turned the handlebar it would not move.

      I would like to make the steering stiff. Everytime I let go of the handlebar the bike goes sideways. On the kickstand it won’t stay straight which causes it to fall. Is there a way to fix it?

      Is it that I need a whole new headset system?

      If I keep tightening am I going to break it?

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      You’ve got to loosen the stem. Then tighten the top cap. And then retighten the stem. Lots of youtube videos. Look it up!

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      And, lose the kickstand.

      Thank me later.

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