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      So I’ve searched and read the how to article here. … tb-trails/

      I can’t figure out how to start the navigation option. The article states: "To access the map, click on the “Topo Map” button on the trail listing page. To locate yourself on the map, click the big “Follow trail” button at the top of the map, and the app will place a large blue dot where you’re currently located."

      I don’t have a "big follow trail" button. What am I missing? Do I need to be at the trailhead for this to work?

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      "climb_head" wrote

      I don’t have a "big follow trail" button. What am I missing? Do I need to be at the trailhead for this to work?

      I do believe that this is the case. Just like the feature that shows nearby trails to check into, I am pretty sure you have to be at the general location of the trail to be able to start navigation.

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      Assuming you’re using the Singletracks mobile app and not a different third party app with the GPX file uploaded into it, you should be able to hit the button on the bottom that says "Current Location" no matter where you are. This is actually a bit of a pro tip: even if you’re not on a trail that’s listed on Singletracks, you can still use this function and the background map to navigate. This is great for getting un-lost, navigating in a largely uncharted or unridden area, etc. Of course, this is dependent on having map tiles available, either saved in your phone for offline access or available via a cellular data signal. If you hit the current location button and you don’t have tiles or a cell signal, it should still locate you, but the background will just be gray.

      climb_head, are you running the latest version of the app? And if so, can you post a screenshot of the issue? You should also ensure that you’ve given the Singletracks app permission to use your location/the gps function on your phone. If you haven’t granted permission for Singletracks to use that feature, the current location button won’t work.

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