how to keep pants out of chain

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      I have lots of problems with my pants getting jammed in my gears and chain. any suggestions?

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      Haha, yeah–this can be an issue. Lots of choices for how to deal with it:

      • roll up your pants leg on the right side
      • get a chain cover (though if this is an MTB, don’t do this. you usually only see these on cruiser bikes.)
      • use a velcro strap to wrap your pants leg on the right side
      • wear different pants. seriously, back when boot cut jeans were in style I had problems all the time. with skinny, straight leg jeans: not so much

      Let us know how it goes. 🙂

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      Go to a good sized bike shop, thy will have something. I had a Velcro strap with night reflectivity and years ago a metal flexible almost circle that slipped over a pant leg.

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      The few times I actually wear long pants riding, I use a large rubber bands.

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        like said above… you can get a pants clip at  a local shop… or if your like me… doing it on the cheap, get a large rubber band

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      Grab bottom of right pants leg and pull away from the bike. Pull slight towards the back and with left hand press pants leg against the back of your ankle. Continue holding with left hand and fold remaining slack forward with right hand. Pull your sock up over pants leg…Problem solved.

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      I generally solve this problem by riding without pants. 😮

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      Shorts+knee warmers=ride.

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      Easiest and cheapest way: roll up the pant leg.  Making locals worried you belong to a gang is added bonus.

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      I use the elastic green military boot bands with the little silver hooks on the end.  They have never let me down when I go riding in sweats.  They are only .99 and last for a long time.   I have had mine for about 7 years.

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      Well, I still run the stock 3×10 on my Fuel and I’ve been riding on the largest chain ring.  Mostly session on some stuff we’ve built out this way.  But I’ve tucked them in boots, I usually do in the winter here (snow boots).  I’ve also ran thermals under shorts, used masking tape once, but what C-Lo did is what worked best for me.  I used two straps about a few inches apart.  lol  I don’t think they make skinny jeans for me and I’m certainly not going to try.

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