How to insert page/paragraph breaks when writing reviews?

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    I thought I might get a faster answer by asking here before emailing the site….

    So yeah, I really enjoy writing reviews for trails, but every time I try to make a new paragraph it gets ignored when the review is actually posted, and my review just looks like a big never ending paragraph. Does anyone know how you can insert a page break so you can start a new paragraph when posting a trail review? Thanks in advance.

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    Typically if you’re finding that the return doesn’t stay in, try using Option+Return (at least from a mac) will make the equivalent of html <br>

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    Seems like returns used to work, but I just checked and it seems they don’t work anymore. 🙁

    Just pushed a fix to the website that displays returns in reviews. If you previously entered a return in a review, no need to edit — it should show up now.

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    Jeff, thank you so much!

    Reviews are much easier to read now.

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