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    My beloved everyday hardtail bike has a regular seat post, so the tools, tube, keys and phone all fit into the standard Topeak bag under my saddle.

    My OTHER bike has a dropper post, so I’m not using a saddlebag. When I ride this bike, I usually wear a Camelbak; it holds everything, but I’m wondering how other riders are carrying the essentials.



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    Generally on my local trails where I may ride for less than a couple of hours I take a small water bottle and my repair bits (multitool w/a chain breaker, dynaplugs, CO2, tire lever, rotor truing tool, spare chain/power link) and my car keys in a Race Face Rip Strip. Phone and food goes in my If I am heading out for more than two hours or it’s exceedingly hot (like most of the summer in the ATL), I will schlepp a Source hydration fanny pack. Finally, for the big all day¬†rides my monster truck EVOC pack comes along for when I need to take my life with me.

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    I use a Revelate Jerry Can to carry tube, levers, multitool, quick link, and first aid. Water bottle and pump are on the down tube. When I need to carry more stuff like extra water, snacks, rain jacket, etc. I add an Oveja Negra Chuck Bucket and/or Dakine Hot Laps. I do whatever I can to avoid carrying a full backpack.

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    Frame bags, like these:

    I specifically recommend the top tube bag behind the stem because you can literally put it on any bicycle, and can generally fit as much (or more) supplies than a standard saddle bag.

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    I use a Revelate Tangle bag on my fat bike. Best investment ever. I can store tools, layers, or a full 2 liter water bladder in it while still having access to the lower triangle of my bike for bottles or whatever else I can fit on the water bottle bosses. I would love to run a custom full frame bag, but the tangle nicely swaps between all of the bikes in my stable.

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    AwesomeStrap, RaceStrap, Mutherload, etc..from backcountry research.

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