How to get Trails built in Regional Parks

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      So I live in the Bay Area, and I ride a lot in Lake Chabot/ Anthony Chabot regional parks. They have quite a few miles of rutted work out old and mostly boring fireroad. I would love to put in the time to build singletrack trails in this park. There are so many mountain bikers who visit this park and I’m sure they would love to have some good trails. How do I go about doing this? What is the process? Will I have a hard time doing so because it is a park and not private land? Please give me advice on how to go about this? It will be much appreciated!

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      I’d try to talk to a land manager. Convince him or her that new trails are in the best interest of the community. Where I live our IMBA chapter works directly with the land manager on issues pertaining to trail maintenance/construction. You’ll need (volunteer) workers, equipment, and a plan for the trail system. If you can present a plan that is attractive do a LM, ie. not a huge financial expense, few liability issues, trails/trail users won’t degrade natural resources/ should be good. Getting LM approval probably won’t be easy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It’s a significant undertaking but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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      Nick, you have a good point here. Its also good to get the local bikers, and the community on your side maybe even by getting a petition signed! Getting a petition gives you someway to gain publicity, and it might help in passing it with the (higher-ups). I feel what you are saying bikerboy, the trails in that area suck, it would be good to get some new stuff.

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      So you’re saying that it is not likely that I will be able to build trails in a regional park? I will have to look around and try and see if there are any pieces of land that would be good for trails… Thanks for you help @Nick Hepler

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      I’m not saying it’s impossible but a land manager might have some reservations based on some of the factors I mentioned above. I have a 2000 acre state park near me that doesn’t allow bike access at all because they claim that bikes will destroy the trails. Strangely enough, they allow horseback riding. The park management won’t even entertain the idea of MTB access. I’m not familiar with the park you’re taking about but there’s a lot of factors to consider with trail building. Who knows, the management there might be interested. I do think that trying to get trails at a park is better than private land. I can’t imagine there are many landowners who would be down with building a trail network on their own land. That being said, I would still talk with the park management about building new trails. It’s worth asking and again they might consider something. You mentioned fireroads so they might not be totally opposed to the idea of bike trails. Pitch the idea with a concise plan. Get your fellow riders together to support the idea. A petition as MaxwellD ^ mentioned is a great start. If the park management isn’t interested maybe see your local politicians. Many trails that exist today do so because of community involvement, so you never know what would happen.

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      Yes, there are already bike trails there. I appreciate your advice and help a lot! Thanks…

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      Is there anything else I should consider or think about/ try? If anybody else who has worked to get permission to build trails has anything to say, go right ahead! 😛

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      ‘,)   🙂


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      Could also call the head of trails at this regional park. Ask them about the process to get trails built and passed for building.

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