How to correct trail listings?


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      Is there an official way to submit corrections? I know of a bunch of local trails that should be grouped under a single system, some trails that are listed multiple times, sometimes under different names, and some trails that should probably be de-listed. I’ve been using for a long time and am amazed at how some of these errors have persisted and would like to do my part in making the website better and keep people from having to deal with bad information, finding that a trail is closed, or just isn’t what it’s out-of-date review makes it out to be.

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      Hi James,

      You can submit freeform feedback for a specific trail listing by clicking the "actions" drop down on a trail listing and selecting the "correct this trail info" option. If there’s simple information in the listing that needs to be updated, you can submit a wiki-style edit by clicking "actions" and then "edit info."

      Looking forward to the updated information!


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